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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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Favorite Wood is Blue Streak at CP.


Favorite Steel is Manta.


Tennessee tornado comes in a close second. LOL me and my cousin went to Dollywood in september 2009, and there was no wait for Tornado, so we got to reride as much as we wanted without ever getting off. We ended up doing 17 times in a row!

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My Favorite's.


Bleu Fire (Europapark) A great coaster and my absolute favorite.



Joris en de Draak (Efteling) Haven't ridden that much woodies but this was the best I have ridden. But that said I don't mean that it's a bad one because it is good.

Pictures are from RCDB

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the most sensational and most finished roller coaster can also be called the coaster with the' steepest drop worldwide in complete darkness. I'm talking about 'Fluch von Novgorod, In addition to the insane coaster itself with it's crazy launch and eurofighter drop is the beautiful packaging a finishing touch to this in and outdoor coaster .


Just follow the scarecrows for the best coaster experience ever


As for the wooden coasters...my nr one should be 'El Toro from Freizeitpark Plohn. It's not that long or high but what it does, he's doing with a reason...every second in this ride is pure fun!! This GCI is what it should be in every park.


I made a top 10 in woodies...

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At the moment mine is:

1. Black Mamba, Phantasialand, Germany

2. Nemesis, Alton Towers, UK

3. Expedition Ge Force, Holiday Park, Germany (only ever ridden in the rain )

4. Silver Star, Europa Park, Germany (very special coaster)

5. Dragon Khan, PortAventura, Spain

6. Swarm, Thorpe Park, UK

7. Colorado Adventure, Phantasialand, Germany (I find this one so much fun)

8. Eurosat, Europa Park, Germany (crazy fun)

9. Stealth, Thorpe Park, UK

10. Megafobia, Oakwood, UK

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My favorite rollercoasters are:



1.Beast at kings island(always will be awesome)

2.Diamondback at kings island

3.Invertigo at kings island

4.Vortex at kings island

5.Racer at kings island:

6.Firehawk at kings island

7.Flight deck at kings island

8.flight of fear

9.Tornado at stricter's grove

10.Teddy Bear at stricter's grove



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Although I have over 300 creds now, my top 5 comes out quite easily!


5 - Piraten - Djurs sommerland

Rode about 10 times during a CF ERS a few years ago - was consistent throughout the train, and from cold - brilliant airtime, great layout and the way it keeps it's speed throughout is exceptional


4 - Nemesis - Alton Towers

Still the best high thrill looper out there - there's just something about the whole layout, atmosphere and raw intensity that makes it very special


3 - Colossos - Heide Park

We got just one go on this, and considering it was running from almost "cold", the airtime and fun we had were right up there.


2 - Skyrush - Hershey park

A 30 minute ERT was more than enough to persuade our group that:

A- The airtime is quite unlike anything else, particularly in the outer seats

B - It's consistently good throughout

C - The restraints only slightly detract from the ride quality (I was fine with them, one or 2 people did have a problem with the pain) - Everyone on the ers stayed the full 30 mins.


1 - Bizarro - SFNE

Great air + great pacing = Bizarro!

Can't comment on the differences since the conversion to bizarro, but if the restraints used had those evil shin bars, like SFAs superman - that would utterly wreck it for me! Had no problem with the lap bars or stapling myself!

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Favourite steel: Nemesis, Alton Towers

Nemesis got a full 10/10 from me and knocked Superman Escape from my top spot. Riding in the front was fantastic, but I felt as if Nemesis didn't quite live up to its reputation for me. However, a ride in the back seat cast any doubt from my mind - Nemesis kicks serious ass. My Mum thought it was great, but prefers the Swarm at Thorpe Park for some reason. She's a bit odd.


Favourite wood: Grand National, Pleasure Beach Blackpool

Even in the wind and rain, I loved Grand National. It was quite violent and I seem to remember yelling "My organs are bleeding" at some point in the ride, but the airtime was incredible. My Mum hated it though, she says she still has bruises. I tell her she's just old.

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tho I grew up so close to Astroworld that many of those coasters will always have a dear place in my heart (go Serpent!, you'll live forever).


I'd have to say my favorite coaster, and the one I'll always go on multiple times when we make it up to Arlington is:


Shockwave -- Six Flags Over Texas




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I am a huge wooden coaster fan. I love wooden coasters more than anything, honestly. That is why my Top 4 is wooden coasters


1. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce - The setting for this ride is really unique and there is some crazy airtime. This is a must-ride coaster.


2. Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer Park - From the top of the lift hill, you get an excellent view of Lake Erie. Then, you go on an amazing ride filled with airtime, even in the front at the beginning of the day. 90 DEGREES!!!


3. Thunderhead - Dollywood - Some GCI goodness here. It may only be 100 ft. and go 55 mph, but there were amazing twists and some pretty nice airtime throughout the ride, especially after the station fly-by.


4. Thunderbolt - Kennywood - It's squish time. This is a very unique coaster as it takes advantage of the terrain, making an all-star wooden coaster that rattles you around and occasionally gives you a headache. Yet, it is still my favorite classic wooden coaster.


5. Storm Runner - Hersheypark - Wow. My only steel coaster in the Top 5 is very close to Number Four, Thunderbolt. The launch on this ride was just, wow. The inversions were awesome and I felt them alright. This ride rounds out my Top 5 with a big bang.


Boulder Dash


Ravine Flyer II






Storm Runner

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New Texas Giant. Call me a blasphemer, but I really think it had better airtime (an more comfortable) than Skyrush, but it was close. New Texas Giant was like a religious experience for me.



Front seat of Pheonix. When me and my buddy agreed to hold our hands up the entire ride while in the front seat it was the only time I was actually a little afraid I would to fly out of the car! AWESOME!



And we got to ride it in the rain, so it was probably even a little faster than normal!

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I have a feeling that this will change when i ride Skyrush but, this is my Top 5. (I took these pictures from RCDB. They are NOT mine.)


5. Millennium Force


4. El Toro


3. Boulder Dash


2. Bizarro


1. Intimidator 305

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Favorite Steel Coaster = Millenium Force. I rode this one my very first time front seat with my Grandma (her idea to wait for front), it was well worth it. I MUST go to Cedar Point at least every couple of years just to ride this ride.


Wood = Thunderhead. I love to marathon this ride, most was 13 times in a row. Good times.

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