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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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Wood: Apocalypse the Ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain by day, Boulder Dash at Lake Compouce by night. El Toro is a really close runner-up


Steel: Bizarro at Six Flags New England. Runner-up would be Intimidator at Carowinds, but it's not even close. Rides like Millennium Force and X2 that a lot of people like actually rank toward the bottom of my top twenty for whatever reason, and Green Lantern: First Flight could have the potential to rank pretty high if I got a good ride on it.

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Top 3 Wood.

1. El Toro @ SFGAdv

2. Boulderdash @ Lake Compounce

3. Coaster @ PNE Playland


Top 3 Steel.

1. Maverick @ Cedar Point

2. Bizarro @ SFNE

3. X2 @ SFMM

Good choices! I also have Maverick and El Toro as my number 1's, and Boulder Dash, Bizarro, and X2 are all on my most-wanted list (I'll ride Bizarro next month!)

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Nemesis - It just is awesome, there is no way of really describing it, it just keeps on getting quicker and more intense throughout the ride.


Honorable mention: Blue Fire - So smooth, good launch, very intense (the turn after the loop and the final barrel roll). Excellent restraint system make the ride.


Tonnerre de Zeus - Crazy ride, shakes you around but the pacing and airtime is phenomenal.


Honorable mention: Grand National - Awesome classic, great airtime, but the pacing as you go round the corner is too slow to make this my number 1.

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Even after 5 years since I have ridden it, X is still my favorite steel. I have ridden rides such as Maverick and I305 in that span since, but no ride experience has come close to being so crazy, out of control, and different from the norm as X has. I hope to get back to SFMM and try out X2 soon (plus all the other new additions since my visit in 2006).


My favorite wooden is El Toro, with Ravine Flyer II second and Voyage in third. Voyage is a great, out of control ride that would have been second, or possibly even number one, if it had been slightly smoother. Even so, Voyage was the first, and still the only coaster that I had to 'fight' while riding it (for lack of a better way of putting it), and came off feeling completely and utterly exhausted.



I hope to also try out some of the other top-rated steel and wooden coasters soon, such as Bizarro, Boulderdash, Phoenix, etc.

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SFGAm is my childhood park, and this is where most of my fondest memories lie. That, and I have yet to board a GCI or Intamin Plug-and-Play, either of which will probably immediately change this.





Good golly, Miss Molly. I only rode this once (boyfriend blacked out and wouldn't do it again), but I came back into the station proclaiming "BEST. COASTER. EVER."

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Though I haven't ridden it as Bizarro, SROS at SFNE is still my fav coaster. However, I'm a little scared to ride it as Bizarro since as others have noted it's just not the same or as good, but whatever...I think the layout is genius and it offered the perfect amount of airtime and tunnels too (love that compression feeling similar to Texas Giant my #2 steel and sadly missing on ExGF my #3 steel) when I rode 5.5 years ago.

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^Great picture, I almost picked Magnum.


Millennium Force


Phantom's Revenge


Ravine Flyer II (Not the best photo but I could not find a decent photo that showed off the pure beauty from the top of the lift)


Phoenix beauty


I feel like setting plays a huge role in the coaster, a beautiful view really does it for me. Magnum is the same as well. Nothing like the views from all of these coasters and how great the rides are as well.

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My top wood, and top overall coaster, is El Toro. I got incredibly lucky to ride this coaster, as it was not supposed to be open to the GP yet when we went during our annual coaster trip back in the day. Then I saw them cycling trains in the morning, and I saw an employee on it. Then a whole train of people went by, which I assume was the media. Then, they just opened the line up for the GP. What a ridiculously intense ride it was!


My top steel is Superman: Ride of Steel @ SFNE / Bizzaro. Pretty safe pick, but it really is the ultimate combination of speed, airtime, and wicked helices. I have not ridden it since the accident and conversion to Bizzaro. I have also not ridden Intimidator 305 which looks to be the only coaster in the States that I haven't ridden that could give it a run for its money.

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