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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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My avatar should say it all! This will always be my number one.



For the drop, the nonstop speed, and overbanked turns... my favorite steel. Millennium Force.



Gotta give credit to this one. Magnum Xl200



Great woodie. Fantastic pacing, great speed, great airtime, and a ride you can ride again and again.

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Although i have too many favorites to list here, i think either Dueling Dragons @ IOA. Nothing gets my blood puming more than seeing the other train on the dueling dragons racing toward me at 100 MPH! its such an amazing ride and the engineering is absolutely brilliant. the only thing that i dont like is that it is so obstructed from the crowds. you have to go in the entrance or exit lines to get any decent pics of it, but thats not a bad thing because the staff dont seem to care .

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Don't recall ever posting in this thread. My favorite is . . .





Yes, I can marathon this insane, airtime-filled ride easily! And it cures the common cold! I can attest to this!

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