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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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I rarely bring my camera with me to parks, so I don't have pictures to post.




El Toro


Close runner-ups:


Cyclone (Coney Island)




Millenium Force


Close runner-ups:


Steel Force (nostalgic reasons)

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^I second Wild One being underrated.


Steel: Millennium Force-

So immaculately smooth, fast, and fun. There are awesome spots of force, airtime, and "Woah, I'm going fast!".



Wood: Beast-

Awesome classic epic winnage. Haulin' ass through the woods then into one of the best helices ever.


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Steel - Millennium Force, SFNE is my home park and I love Superman / Bizzaro... but MF is on a different level. But just so I don't sound like a CP fanboy... Magnum is the most overrated coaster on earth and TTD sucks.


Wood - El Toro, I thought about picking Phoenix but El Toro is just too amazing. lol

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