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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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i've only just got a decent camera (mid-october) but havent been anywhere decent to take pictures!!! grrrr... you'll have to settle for mini-rollercoasters instead...


One of my favourite night shots... it shows the speed really well...


the painful Pinfari... there arent any seats! Well, only kids can get on it... even I have trouble sitting in it! i end up sitting on the floor... they still let me ride...


ahhhh... Gerstlauer Eurofighter virgins! They look soooo scared!

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Here are some of my favorites of different types.


Favorite Stand-Up Coaster by far, it's actually smooth!


Favorite 4-D Coaster, but only behind Millenium Force for my favorite overall.


Favorite Wooden Coaster, not nearly as rough as everyone says.


Favorite Inverted Coaster, amazing terrain and theming elements along with a great layout.


Favorite Flying Coaster, mostly due to the insane pretzel loop.


Favorite Steel Lap Bar Coaster, The drop and overbanked turns are amazing.

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