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"Holiday Thrill Expansion Corp." [RCT2]

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Hmmmm, I don't know about having two chair lifts, that just seems unneeded. You're building style is still improving, so that is a plus as well. And the coasters, they look fine.


A nice little update on the newest addition, and I hope to see more soon.


Oh, and I got the stadium idea from your park. I just kinda branched off of it and did it my own way, if thats okay with you


And thank you I just thought the two chairlifts added a little personal twist, is all.

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Roller coaster enthusiasts rejoice, for Holiday Thrills has recognized what we have wanted the most- no more trims! ON select rides, you will be able to experience their thrills without being slowed down. (well, for a day at least)


WHAT: Holiday Thrills: Trimless

WHEN: June 20th, All Day Long

HOW: What you'd do on any regular day, purchase a ticket or use your season pass!




Fierce Force: Trims after the first zero-g roll will be turned off.

Bon Voyage: Trims on the first drop will be turned off.

Dusk: Trims before the first corkscrew will be turned off. (Note: Trims before second corkscrew still effective)

Supernova: Trims before second corkscrew will be turned off.


Buy your tickets today! (We hold the right to turn guests back if the park reaches full capacity)




An anonymous insider has reported to us today...


Holiday Thrills has a heck of a lot of rides...but not a lot of record-breakers. Word has it that they're planning something big. I won't reveal too much, but Holiday Thrills Expansion Corp. has made a deal with a major company to produce awe-inspiring rides, one for each of their parks.


"We're going to crank up the volume of HTEC a little bit," CEO says. "We're a fresh park with space. You want a new coaster war? You got it."


Holiday Thrills currently has 10 roller coasters.

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Oh, and I got the stadium idea from your park. I just kinda branched off of it and did it my own way, if thats okay with you



My stadium is small, but I don't think Sixflags has much shows anyways.


Maybe just add some kind of roof on the stadium, those peeps watching will die in the sun! D:

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HTEC's Big Secret:


They're messing with us! Of course they knew that the Trimless event would be filled with roller coaster enthusiasts, so they pulled a little trick to make us speculate even more- Construction workers, and covered track pieces were in the area behind Thunder Lap.


"I was on the lift hill of Thunder Lap when I noticed it," says a guest. "They made it very noticeable- and I'm pretty sure it's on purpose."


Now, two week later, their "big secret" has been revealed...


"I along with the entire Holiday Thrills Expansion Corporation is pleased to give you this announcement," says the CEO of HTEC. "The beginning of this year, we reached a dea lwith a major company that would give both of our parks the spark they needed- the attendance they needed...the skyline they needed. We are pleased to announce that next season, a ride for both our parks- both manufactured bythe one and only IntaRide- will be contruscted for your pleasure."


More details coming soon.

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It's Thunder and Lightning at "Holiday Thrills"!


Construction has begun and we were given sneak peaks at the two rides coming next season...




NAME: "Bolt"

HEIGHT: 350ft

DROP: 333ft

Manufacturer: IntaRide/Intamin

MAX. SPEED: 90-100mph

TIME: App. 20 seconds.







NAME: Lightwave

HEIGHT: 205ft

DROP: 200ft

MANUFACTURERr: IntaRide/Intamin

MAX. SPEED: 82mph

TIME: App. 1 minute 51 seconds



Cable lift & Drop...


Queue and entrance plaza.


Full layouts coming very soon!

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I like the coaster designs, except for two small details.


1. Bolt has ALOT of supports, especially on the back side, not sure how you could reduce that but I think it would look a bit better.

2. "Myrtle Magic" Creative name, although I would make sure to put in a wall under that "Begin your mission" sign, it will look better.


Overall, I like your park(s)!

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My only suggestion is to do a separate exit station for Bolt. If you do that you can easily change that large curve into a smaller one so you can put in a straight section of track. What I am talking about is running like 4/5 trains on the ride. If you place a block brake one train length off the entrance station the train will roll out and stop waiting for the next block to clear. The next train will enter the station. By adding in a single block right before the station the next will pull up right behind the one loading, one will be in the center of the curve and one will be in the exit station unloading. Build another block on the back of the exit station. When that block clears the train on the launch track will leave. It will give the ride that TTD look with trains stacked up waiting to get loaded and unloaded.

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I like the coaster designs, except for two small details.


1. Bolt has ALOT of supports, especially on the back side, not sure how you could reduce that but I think it would look a bit better.

2. "Myrtle Magic" Creative name, although I would make sure to put in a wall under that "Begin your mission" sign, it will look better.


Overall, I like your park(s)!


Yeah I'm not too happy about the supports either,but I couldn't think of any other way. And I was thinking of how flight of fear's wall was open so you could see into the queuem


But thank you!

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I'd change the supports on that intamin's lift hill with something to horizantally connect it like on my blue comet. Great lay out though!

This is a great park

Yeah, I was going to do that but the way I deleted the original supports doesn't allow me to put anything else under it, so I coudlnt do anything horizontal. But thanks!


And dmaxsba, ill try that outm

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Here's your guide to everything Bolt!

It's thunder and lightning at Holiday Thrills! With Thunder Lap, Holiday Thrill's beloved hypercoaster, and [Lightning] Bolt, the two opposites are competing for your heart! But we all know, without Thunder there's no lightning, and vice versa, so we hope the two will blend nicely together to make your stay at our park all the more enjoyable!

whar to go.bmp

The quickest way to get to "Bolt" this season is to enter through the interstate entrance. You'll notice a new pathway to your right. Take it, of course!


After what seems like a long path of nothingness (my only complaint), you reach "Bolt"'s plaza.


At the end of the plaza is of course, the entrance to the queue.


We expect lines to be massive the first few seasons, so we put in vending machines (the gray building) to ease your wait.


Your now nearing the station! Pay attention to the big sign that tells you what to do.


You've boarded, and now you're getting ready to launch!


(Holiday Thrill's new skyline)


And your back! Load off as quickly as possible at the exit station.


But don't forget to view your pictures on the way out!


Be sure to check out "Bolt"... next season at Holiday Thrills in Virginia Beach, VA!





The new mega-coaster at "Myrtle Magic"!

Three trains: Yellow, Purple, and Red.


Make your way around the lake, or take the chairlift, to the back of the park.


Oh the anticipation!


Begin your mission!


Begin your mission!


Climb up the incredibly fast and scary cable lift hill! At 205ft, one of the many wonders about this ride is that you can get an amazing view of the beaches and hotels, guests, swimming pools, you name it! It's all there, and it's breathtaking!


Speaking of breathtaking, here's the first drop!


Take the intense first turn!




Floaty airtime!


After floaty airtime, you twist some more and get those terrifying headchoppers!


(This is something inspired by Intimidator 305, the untwist then twist again element)


Airtime.....while twisting!


Floaty, soft airtime.


Overbanked turn.


Twisty-airtime, and another speedy turnaround.


Ejector, fast, hard airtime!


Why hello there brake run!


There you have it, "Lightwave"...new next season at Myrtle Magic in Myrtle Beach, SC!


So which is YOUR favorite? Bolt or Lightwave? Comments appreciated!

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First off, let me express how glad I am to say that "Bolt" and "Lightwave"'s first few months were great- full queues all day, (Bolt always had at least a 1 1/2 hour wait, same with Lightwave) and gave many rides to happy guests. Reactions were and are extremely positive. It is now July, but I have a bit of bad news to present to you...


The Fate of Bon Voyage:



Bon Voyage is an average wooden roller coaster located at "Holiday Thrills". The longest the quees been in years is about 15 minutes or so. By now, even in the summer, it's a walk-on.


Well, it was never a well-received roller coaster. Most found it average, if not boring. The only time the wait was lonmger than 30 minutes was it's first season, about 15 years ago. And present day- it's extremely rough.


But things just keep getting worse. As you can see in this picture;


It is rather close to the hotel. It's not a rare occurrence that hotel guests would complain of the loud noise Bon Voyage produces. Sure, there's a sign in the lobby warning that "There may be excessive noise" coming fromt he park, but the sound of wood is unbearable.


We came up with many ideas- we could change it into a hybrid, as Six Flags did with Texas Giant, but even then the design of the coaster would only be smoother, not more enjoyable. So that was out.


We've come to our final decision. This coming Labor Day will be Bon Voyage's last day of operation. During the winter, it will be dismantled. Be sure to get a ride in your next visit- for it will be your last.

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I snagged some photos over the winter.

(Photos converted to JPEG)


Track taken off the highest point of the ride.


Will this ride be missed?


More track taken off. Construction workers decided it'd be best to dismantle the supports last.


What a mess of wood!


Final stages of demolition.


Do you think it left much of a footprint?

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I LOVE THIS IDEA! Your parks look awesome! May I recommend giving a few of you coasters paint jobs during the offseason as the park kind of looks "dark" from the overview images? As in the replacement of Bon Voyage I would consider putting a record-breaking coaster there so the guests that are not planning on visiting the park, but staying at the hotel might become convinced to visit the park if they walk outside of there hotel and see a breath taking massive structure reaching towards the clouds. May I also suggest adding a wooden kiddie coaster like Ghoster Coaster at KD?


BTW... How do you take screen shots and post them on here? I have recreated all of KD and Dollywood and would love to share!

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