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AJ Adventure Land [RCT2]

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Yeah, i mean Vortex from Kings Island is the same as GASM, with a slightly different layout. It was the Arrow mega looper days, those good old 80s, and very early 90s, then Arrow went under.


Yep that is the point, this is supposed to be somewhat realistic. It is a great fit and I promise many more coasters will come


Pictures tomorrow morning.

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September 1986


Construction on Cyclone has been moving at a very fast pace, already the first lift hill is complete along with parts of the station!


The station has been going up fast, it appears the exterior of the station is close to being finished.


The completed lift hill.


Construction continues on the first drop.


Supports are being put up for the MCR.


Final brake run.


Overview of Cyclone.


Current overview of the park.

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March 1987


Cyclone is now really coming together! All of the track has been installed, and testing should start very soon. Landscaping will also start to be put in the next upcoming weeks. Are you ready to ride? Only one more month!!



Completed station. Lines are almost complete.


3 loops, and 2 corkscrews!


Batwing element, some pretty "interesting" scenery will be placed at this location.


Airtime hill and brakes.


Cyclones layout.

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^No, In case you didn't notice, I said the EXACT SAME THING as you did. Just in a much more friendly tone.



^Rude much? Theres no need to be an a$$hole like that.


I really like the park! The only two criticisms I have would be to change up the roofs instead of repeating the same piece for the entire building, and remove the tree under Racer Blue's first air hill. (But that one's nitpicking.)


Is much more friendly and constructive than:

Seriously. Use more then one type of roof. it looks really bad
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^Viper doesn't have a square layout. In fact, his is shaped almost exactly like Viper except for the fact that the station isn't parallel to the lift. I'm still confused about the length of the station, and whats going on with the MCBR?


The length of the station was just an opps when I made it. Nothing to it just kinda a mistake and I am just leaving it the way it is. Whats the question about the MCBR?

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April 1987


Opening day is here! Cyclone is an amazing ride and we are glad to have this record breaker at AJ Adventure Land! Now for some pictures...

SCR46 (2).BMP

Cyclone is ready for action!

SCR47 (2).BMP

The completed batwing element, many types of trees were brought in to enhance the ride experience.

SCR48 (2).BMP

First full train of guests getting ready to go up the lift.

SCR49 (2).BMP

Getting ready to drop...

SCR50 (2).BMP

Through the 3 loops!




Through the corkscrews, over the airtime hill, and back to the station. The guest give this ride an A+!

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WTF's a cyclops doing there lol?!


Looks quite nice, but some of the buildings look a little sloppy and unfinished. For example, roofs with no walls, and the cover of the chairlift queue has one more piece missing.

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August 1987


Just a brief update, I think I am going to skip a season because we are kinda entering a "quiet" time. See you again in 1989


Park just opened for the day and it is already packed on the main midway.


Racer is packed!


Monster is also completely filled.


Old Logger really is a fun flume ride. You can actually choose if you would like to ride backwards or forwards! The only flume in the world that does that.


Cyclone is still a walk-on this morning. People are quickly making there way back though.

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