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Photo TR: SFGAm + Hurricane Harbor

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Some of you may know I just made the move out from Illinois to California. And while there are now a plethora of theme park options, I still miss my old home park. So I took a trip back and had a visit!



Hey! Great America! Long time no see!


Special Ed offers me some pigeon poop to put on my face. I decline. He also likes to chew on his E-Cigarette.


Hey! Tsuki's here too! And so is Caitlin. Over there. On the left. Next to Ed.


Yay, fun!

I missed ol' Triz Pliz. A really fun and simple flat ride.


Special Ed finds giant ladies delicious.


Bull had pretty bad wait.


At least I think. I'm so used to no lines at Universal Studios that I forgot what a normal park was like.


The ride ops were so nice, they let us ride a no click ride. See?


Ed! Was it fun, boy? Was it fun?

"Yeah! Yeah! Lessgoagain! Lessgoagain!"


We gave the Bull some lovin', thanked it for it's time, then went on our way.


Ed was upset that he couldn't bring his expensive new cup onto Eagle.

Welcome to Six Flags! Give us your money!


Blatantly breaking the rules? Think again.


Time for some watery unhappiness.

Oh man, that's so wet.

Gah! We haven't even dropped yet and I'm wet!

Ahhh, crap. Crap crap crap.

"We're gonna be fine. Lundy blocks the water from hitting us."

I hate you guys.


And now, what I came all the way out to Illinois for! (not really)

A new credit!

Looks exciting!

"Are we really going to wait this long for a lame little ride?"


Tee hee. I can see up it's skirt.

Dipper is dippin'.


Apparently, we were able to catch it's first break down of the season! We had to wait an extra half hour or so but eventually we got on.

And it was alright.


And who should I spot waiting at the exit, but Our Good Friend Andy!

NOW the gangs all here.


We decided it was time for a Whiz.

Oh, look. Kung Fu Kid ads.

This is Tsuki's genuine immediate reaction to said ads. See kids, it's not just Enthusiasts who hate the damn things.

Tsuki and Andy got out there pop-up blockers! But, that didn't make the ads go away.

This made Ed sad.


We decided it was time...

...for everyone to get half naked.

Let's do this one first!

Cool view.

Man, I really want some Cheerios.

Poor Caitlin has to deal with Special Ed being special.

Gulp. We're going in there?

Shoooop. There's one.

There's two.

Aaaand Tsuki makes three.

I only have an hour to play, then I have to go back to California. Let's play here!

Water everywhere!

The guys look up to find...

Tsuki being evil to them with a bucket! Bwa ha ha ha!

She then gets her comeuppance.

Caitlin gets a blast of it, too.

Our Good Friend Andy, vows revenge!

But loses again.

Okay, we're all finally on the same si-

Dammit, Ed! How'd you get over there?!

Andy pretends he's a water nymph.


Part of me feels that this is very, very wrong.


Andy has something obscene on his shoulder.


Finally, Ed is on our side.

And look, they remembered to include the kitchen sink!


I missed the exit.


Andy was feeling a bit tired, so he sat down.

Unfortunately, he sat on a water jet.


Haha, I just imagine very uncomfortable muttering from him as he slides down.

But he emerges victoriously.


Oh shi-


After I drowned, Ed was eaten by a shark.


And fun was had by all, yay!


And that was it. Our fun SFGAm adventure. Probably my only visit until next year. So until then!

That's all folks.

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