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Hi everyone I was reading the Europa Park thread and was in awe with the park, the updates on this site are awesome! But it got me thinking about visiting a theme park during my trip to Europe this summer. My question is aimed to anyone that's traveled there (mostly TPR Veterans) or maybe anyone that's familiar with the area that could give me a heads up.


I'm arriving in Kopenhagen on plane and taking the Princess cruise to Gadansk in Poland, and also around the area for 2 weeks (I can give more information on stops if it would help). Since its a cruise my location will be coastal in that area. I know its a cheaper cruise but I'm going with family so it was in everyones budget, however I can afford to travel by car inland for a day or two. Does anyone know of any local parks within a couple hours drive of the locations where the Princess docks on stops, that I should maybe check out because they're worth it?


I know it may be a long shot, but I'm hoping maybe there's a diamond in the rough that I've overlooked and may be nearby so I can make a quick trip and see a nice park. Any ideas or parks that have nice big coasters would be a plus. I'd like to get on some roller coasters! I'd appreciate any help or ideas as this is my first time to that part of the world, and I know very little about it!


Thanks in advance for any advice or options, I'll be checking this thread until I leave.

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A more detailed itinerary would help a lot to see where you go, since then it would be a lot easier to help you plan your visits...


But I had a quick look at the Princess webpage and I think I found the one you are going on: Click


By the look of it then you would have to possibility to visit:

Copenhagen: Tivoli Gardens (city centre) and Bakken (outskirts)

Stockholm: Gröna Lund (close to the centre)

Helsinki: Linnanmäki (close to the centre)

St Petersburg: Wonder Island, Attraction Park and Gagarin Park, I don't exactly know where they are located in the city, and wile looking at the info on RCDB on each park, then it seems like Wonder Island would be the place to go to, the other ones are very small and are not really worth it...

Tallinn: Have a park but it seems like their coaster is closed.


If you have any more info about your trip then it would be a lot easier to help you with the parks.

Also have a look on www.rcdb.com for more info (just search on the city names).

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I tried to look up the ports of call on the Princess website, but I'm not sure which cruise you're going to do.

Is it the cruise calling at Helsinki, Stockholm, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Gdansk, Warnemunde and back to Copenhagen ?


In Copenhagen, you have Tivoli Gardens. In Stockholm, Gröna Lund. In Helsinki, Linnanmäki.

From Warnemunde, it is about 2 hours driving to Hamburg where Hansa Park and Heidi Park are nearby.


Hope that helps.

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When you are looking for the European version of Orlando, you should visit the area of Northern France, Western (and for Europa-park Southern) Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. An area that is comparable with the size of the State of Kansas.

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Thanks everyone for the advice on locations of the parks and where to look in Europe for more of them. I am checking out maybe visiting Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen, I wouldn't mind getting on an aged B&M and 80 year old woodie!


A more detailed itinerary would help a lot to see where you go, since then it would be a lot easier to help you plan your visits...


I think you did find my cruise and were spot on with all your locations, so thank you for the mention of those parks.


I'm on the longer version of that cruise though, so other locations I will be stopping at include:


Gdansk, Poland

Warnemunde, Berlin

Helsingborg, Sweden


I will also be using RCDB to look for some parks, I didn't think about doing that. So again thanks for the advice if anyone has anything to add, or what may or may not be worth visiting that would be great. Thanks everyone!

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