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PTR: Holiwood Nights 2010!

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So first of all, I'm going to include some Kings Island photos because I randomly decided to go to KI the day before HWN. I hung out with a few friends from KICentral, but also hung out with the -G people. I spent half my day at Boomerang Bay, not sure why... Anyways, I'll just post the photos of KI first!


Up, up, and away!


B&M mess=yum


One of the only hills on Diamondback that have good airtime, and it's still not anything special


Entering the pointless helix of no force


Only good thing about the helix is it looks cool from this view


Decided to ride Vortex and while I was walking in the queue I snapped this photo and I think it turned out pretty awesome


Right before I took this I wanted to take this for some reason, but now I can't remember why. So here is a random photo...


This photo would be about thirty-six times better if the sky wasn't all ugly


Same as above..


Top Gun just flying through the woods like always


The weather started to get nicer so I went to Boomerang Bay. I've been only a few times since it became Boomerang Bay (2004) and now I realize how bad this water park is. One side is too shaded, there are leaves and dirt everywhere, the slides are old but some are still fun, and half the slides have one side closed off and the whole Snowy River Rampage section is blocked off. The other side of the water park has no shade, faded, newer slides that are more popular but not good, the wavepool sucks, concrete everwhere, and just plain sucks. I really could go on for hours making a list of ways they could improve Boomerang Bay, but I'll do that later!


Here is one of the two newer slides


Hello Drop Zone, I love you but I never ride you cause you always have a long line!


Son of Beast from International Street ish


I really don't know why I randomly took this...


Get rid of the go carts and a coaster could fit there!


Heres a horrible photo of some of the group on Flight of Fear! And the last KI photo! Now I'm going to post day 1 of Holiwood Nights!

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So now it's day 1 of Holiwood Nights. We got into Santa Claus around 2PM. and like always went to Wendys. Jared got his food there while I went to the gas station next door to get some. I saw some fried chicken and ended up getting it. To my surprise it was extremely good chicken, well worth the $3! The reason we didn't go straight to the park is because me and Mitchell didn't have out tickets yet (I really need a season pass, I've been like 7 times this year!) and Adam was buying our tickets. And Adam was still in Cincinnati at his apartment. So we had to wait another 3 hours... Jared, Mitchell, and I decided to go to Holiday World and just wait for Adam at the picnic shelter by Raven's lake turnaround. I tried to take photos but none of them were too good. So we just admired the beautiful CCI. I noticed my friend Angie was on Raven so I texted her (like a minute after I saw her so she would be off) and had her come hangout with us a little bit. She had been there all day and didn't mind taking a break. She brought us all water too, which was really nice because we were all dying of thirst! Our friend Ryan left the park too and came to hangout with us. We all had fun just hanging out in the shelter watching Raven and talking. Eventually Adam finally made it!


We all registered for HWN and went to the picnic shelter in 4th. of July! ALL of the KICers got together and we were determined to get to Voyage before everyone else! So once Will (RIP ) finished talking and they let us out, the KICers walked very fast to Voyage! Me and Ryan go the very first train of ERT which was a Ravage train, and we were also in the very front seat! The rest of the KICers filled up about half a train, it would be a whole train but some of them walked slow. After our Voyage ride I believe we rode one more time than went off to Legend and Raven. We rode Legend twice than Raven twice than went to Kringles Café. The pizza was good, but not as good as people say. The fudge how ever was amazing along with the sweet tea! I also got a few chips and some celery. After our delicious meal we went back to Voyage where I met up with Danielle! We rode a few times, and than I believe we went back to Legend and Raven where we rode both of those alot than got a few last rides on Voyage before ERT was over.


As we were walking out of the park we talked to Paula who was an extremely rude woman!!! Did I trick anyone? Lol, no, she was very very nice and hilarious! Someone in our group asked if they had to sell HW to anyone who would it be. She said they aren't selling it anytime soon, than I told her they could sell it to Herschend (is that how it's spelled?) and it could be called Dolliday World!


After our nice talk, it was off to hell! Which just so happened to be located a few miles down the road from Holiday World. We stayed in a 'log cabin' in Lincoln Park or something. This place was awful, my biggest fear is spiders and this place had them... billions of them! I had to take a shower and a spider pit! And I had to sleep in pretty much a spider web! I'm never ever ever going there again!


Anyways, here are the photos from day 1!




This could have been an alright photo if it wasn't for a support being in the way


This was hard to get but it turned out alright


Here is some of the KICers


Front seat of the first train of ERT!


Thats how we do it on KIC! Isn't that right Angie?


They greased up some of the track just for us!




Some of us on a Timberliner (thats me in the front seat on the left, and yeah my hair looks awful because I had been sweating and riding Voyage)


Me with Will & Pat


Nerd shot!


Back of the first car


Random Hallowswings photo


KIC group photo!




Yeah... this is the group of KICers who were scared of spiders so we slept like this. Last photo of day 1, but day 2 has wayyyyyy more photos! Those will be up later!

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First of all, sorry I'm just replying. I've been lazy and haven't felt like updating. Plus I went to Holiday World a few days ago (forgot my camera, so no photos) and Indiana Beach (PTR coming soon!)



We woke up the next morning early enough that we were one of the first people to arrive at HW. I wasn't too excited for Splashin' Safari early access/ERT, but it ended up being my favorite part of the whole event!


The breakfast was simple, but delicious! I got some cinnamon apple muffins, random fruit, and orange juice, and was on my way to Wildebeest! I was with most of the KICers again, but saw my friend Ted in line for Wildebeest. I ended up getting about 4 rides on it, but only because I only spent maybe 30 minutes at Wildebeest. Adam, the -G people, and I went to Zinga and rode it twice. After that I spend quite some time in Bahari Wave Pool just swimming around having fun. I don't remember what happened next, but I do remember as soon as the water park opened we went to Bakuli and rode it. Right after we got off a raccoon was on the lift hill and fell into the pool. The slide op. made an X with her hands and the slide stopped. The poor little baby raccoon was stuck at the bottom of the pool by a drain and he couldn't swim up. About ten minutes later people with a trashbag came and fished out little Ricky Raccoon out of the pool and put him in a trash bag. It was sad. Anyways, after that incident we met up with the rest of KICentral and went on Bahari River, after that we had a KICentral race on Jungle Racer. We had 2 races, one for the 25+ year olds, and one for the younger people. I won on the young people one!


Well honestly, I can't say what we did and when we did it after that, but I do remember the tours and the night ERT. Nothing too interesting to share except we had to leave early during ERT


Some KICers about to go on a Voyage!


More KICers


I think they are on this train somewhere


The weather wasn't too good for photo taking during the tours sadly


Double helix of laterals!


My camera wasn't taking clear photos because of the weather


All my previous visits to HW before HWN I loved Legend more than Raven, but as of now I prefer Raven over Legend.


CCI track.. yum


Random photo of Kevin








The horrible weather ruined these photos!




I suck with captions


Yay more Voyage


Danielle approved Voyage and all of it's yummy Gravity Group track


I approve Voyage as well!


Who doesn't approve of Voyage? Well this tree didn't, but we took care of him...










I hate writing these captions!


I really like this one






McSTFU with those Mc things...


I think I took this same photo about seven times


I totally don't look like this at all anymore by the way. I look like... http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs063.snc4/34499_1543895563833_1428308126_31496737_2040304_n.jpg this!


Yay for the first drop!


Random Voyage photo


Heres me being an ACEr. And yes, in that fanny pack is gravy. Oodles of it!


Here is the only people that rode Pilgrim's Plunge during ERT


Thanks for reading!

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