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Family Funplex Park [RCT3]

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Hi.. I don't know if anyone still remembers me... but I haven't been on TPR for quite a while...

I decided to immerse myself back into RCT3 this summer. I found this park in my folder and plan to finish it before I start any new projects!


This was a park from a contest about a year ago... and I plan to continue building according to these rules.



• Wild expansion pack

• 55 x 55 Max space (attached)

• Minimum of 3 Thrill Rides (One must be a screamin’ swing, drop tower, sky swatter, etc.)

• Minimum of 4 Gentle Rides (Mini golf, bumper boats)

• At least one eating area/Cafeteria.

• A pavilion Area for corporate meetings, concerts, and other events.

• Minimum of 2 coasters (suggested under 3000ft long) and no bigger than 100 ft tall and must be family oriented. No powered launches (Half pipe coaster excluded).

• Custom scenery is allowed, but MUST list when put up for download.

• You may NOT alter the entrance area, anything behind the fences and gates are fair game.


Fine Print:

• Final park due on or before April 12th by 11:59:59pm. Post in thread with at least one picture.

• Name the park file “Family_FunPlex_Yourscreenname.dat”

• Judging will be done by the Theme Park Review community with a poll starting April 11th going until April 18th

• Hex editing is allowed.



Sadly... still haven't finished it. lol


There are going to be really fast update periods because I plan to be done with this park by the end of this week.







I haven't used RCT3 in a year so bear with me guys lol


I'm also planning to release some of NL coasters soon as well... so keep on the lookout.



P.S. Do you guys want this to be in time-line story-esque updates (because it seems that a lot of people are doing it that way) are straight up "I made this" updates?

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Hi guys


I'm just going to introduce some of the rides... Today: Gold Rush


Gold Rush is an Intamin Pre-Fabricated Wooden Coaster built in 2006 with the park.

This woodie has an unconventional layout that looks more like a GCI but smoother and more air time filled.

The woodie includes an interesting pre-lift turn, a dive into the legendary blue crystal mine and a final splash into Sunlight Falls.

The landscape and theming around the coaster has yet to be finished however the ride is open for this season and the work will begin during the winter.


P.S. I haven't touched this ride and its theming since last year lol so it might look incomplete...


Station and indoor turn


Ride Entrance


Lift Hill






That's it for today... I finished a lot of the buildings today...


Tomorrow I will introduce two rides/attractions... You guys choose... Water Park, Roller Coaster, Flat Ride, Infrastructures

Just two okay lol

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Thanks for the comment guys!


Today I will introduce Phoenix: A Vekoma Floorless Suspended Coaster


Phoenix is built into the mountain behind the Sunshine Hotel. The station is themed to an aircraft hangar.

The lift hill goes under the hotel bridge and drops into the valley. The trains goes through tight turns and twists, narrowly missing trees and supports.

The final drop into a cliff is its signature element.


I'm still supporting this ride and haven't finished the station entirely.


First Drop


Unfinished Station: Looks horrible right now IMO


Here's a sneak preview of what to come:


This is Cliff Hanger... I still need to build the station and other theming.


Teaser!! Here's a clue... Lotte World Disney Lost Treasure

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Here's photos of interest...


Slide Complex... Usually very busy


Engineers testing out Cliff Hanger before its opening. Still a lot of work to do on the buildings


Guess what's inside this building! Clue: It goes upside down


Family Funplex- This year we surprise patrons with Cliff Hanger and we already got next year all planned out.


The park's hotel, Sunshine Hotel, will be totally renovated. The conference room in the hotel dismantled to make an open-air amphitheater for concerts and shows. The hotel lobby will move towards the middle of the hotel. Also the first few floors of the hotel will also be gutted in order to be converted into a museum.The museum will be part of the park's admission and will include many artifacts from around the world. At its opening, the museum will showcase an Egyptian tomb, completely built from the artifacts brought straight from the recently found tomb in Egypt.


Hope to see you next year in our improved park!


International Press- Several workers are missing for days at the Sunshine Hotel in the Family Funplex Theme Park. They disappeared in the construction of the new museum in the hotel, which plans to showcase a real Egyptian tomb. Work on the museum has currently stopped.



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Hi! Thanks for the comment everyone!


More progress reports... I will have a full report soon.


Spin and Spin you go


Ohhh... Progress


International Press- Missing workers in the Family Funplex Theme Park are yet to be found. The park has currently stopped its construction and has diverted their attention to finding these construction workers. The park has ordered robotic cars that can explore the basement of the unfinished museum which is too dangerous for anyone to enter. They did not release anymore information about this rescue, only saying that "Project: Rescue is confidential".




Overview of how small this park actually is. Good thing you can't make anything out



Keep commenting!

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^Yes. It's an awesome template to work with.


Hi guys! I made my way down to the park yesterday and got some pictures that show the immense amount of progress they have made.


The new amphitheater, Sunshine Arc, is almost complete. It looks over the River Rapids.

On the left you can see the entrance to the new museum (retrofitted hotel entrance) that has a wonderful ride inside (secret)


Inside the queue line!


Progress! Look at the variety of building styles you can see just from here!


I hope to introduce the new ride soon! It's worth the wait!

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I'm back


New Logo


This is the area I worked on today. To the left is the kiddie area.




So I'll just list what's in the park right now.



Gold Rush- Intamin Plug and Play

Acrophobia- Intamin Gyro Drop

Sun Tower- Intamin Parachute Tower



Crazy Castle- Vekoma Madhouse



Whirlwind- Proslide Toilet Bowl

Afterburn- Red Proslide Speed Slide

Purple Plunge- Purple Proslide Speed Slide

Bounce- Orange Proslide Speed Slide

Sidewinders- Blue and Green Proslide Body Slide



Phoenix- Vekoma Suspended Coaster

King of Egypt- Intamin Multi-Motion Coaster

World Monorail Hotel Station



Raging River- Intamin Rapid Ride

Top Saw- Don't know the company and model



Cliff Hanger- B&M Dive Coaster

World Monorail- Suspended Monorail (from some Japanese company.. where else )



Lady Bug's Flight- Tivoli Coaster

Rockin' Tug- Zamperla Rockin' Tug

Sky Wheel- Zamperla Ferris Wheel


Yes. All this in a 55x55 land.


Here is the deal. I will do a detailed report on one of the rides so pick one!


Thanks for reading and comment!



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