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The Official TPR 2010 Europe Trip Thread

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Although Europa Park has a bunch of well themed coasters Black Mamba kicks all other german coasters a$$es themingwise. And you weren`t lucky cause it ran well that day...Black Mamba runs well EVERYDAY by now...




(Besides : Hoping for more detailed reviews about ISpeed, Blue Fire and Joris and de draak...)

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Hi guys ,


Today I saw some TPR guys @ my work in Walibi World. I was standing on the flying dutchman goldmine. It was really cool to see some of you. Heard that this was a extra day beside the EU trip. I hoped you all liked the ERT on Goliath and the rest of the day. I will see you all sooner or later on a trip,I'm just to young to join a trip right now. Greetings from Holland!


Jazz Soares

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TPR finished off the 2010 Europe Trip at Efteling, where they had ERT on the park's brand new GCI, which comes complete with a dragon! Let's have a look, shall we?


Good morning world! Theme Park Review is at Efteling in Holland!


TPR starts out with over an hour of ERT on the world's newest wooden roller coaster and the first racing woodie to be built in ten years: George and the Dragon or Joris en de Draak.


There are two tracks - water and fire.


The Dragon or Draak was seriously bad ass.


TPR got in a lot of rides this morning.


Oh yeah, we also had ERT on The Flying Dutchman.


Which one is George and which one is Dragon? If you know...EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


Big thanks to Joe Draves from GCI for hanging out with us today! Great job on the new coaster, guys!


TPR is loving Joris en de Draak!




Joe loves his new coaster too!


Two different tracks - "Water" on the left, and "Fire" on the right.


"You guys are going DOWN!!!"


It's a race to the finish!




Can you guys win two in a row?




The finish line!


Joris en de Draak is serious fun! And props to the park and GCI for the train modifications to allow a lower height restriction than other GCI woodies. (You only need to be about 44" to ride.)


The view from across the lake.


The turn around before the first drop.


It's a thing of beauty!


And now some POV photos! First Drop!!!


What lovely curves you have.


Some pops of airtime.


Now I can see some wood and steel.


Lots of wood!


Is that some reverse banking I see?


Here we go again...


The ride is just "hands up, lots of fun" all around!


Joris en de Draak is the PERFECT ride for Efteling! It's fast, out-of-control fun, but not so intense that younger riders can enjoy it too! And did we mention the theming, station, and landscaping looks great as well? Great job GCI and Efteling!


TPR Europe Trip is over...time to get effing drunk!


Piers’s wet dream.

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^ I wouldn't really call either of them 'short' - I can personally say that I got brilliant value for money:time on the UK trip, and was utterly knackered (still am!) by the end of it, which I doubt I'd be after a 'short' trip.

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I had a great time at Efteling -- and all the other parks we visited. Thanks Rob & Elissa!


It was great to randomly "high five" several TPR members in the narrowest street in Amsterdam, albeit in the RLD. Safe travels all!



"Hawaiian Mike"


Here's a group photo of several TPR folks that made the long journey to the donkey. As promised, original file avail at: PEN41151-1


... and Morgan's attempt to catch the donkey's poo.

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In this picture... What are the red and blue lights used for?


There are many more red and blue LED Lights along the tracks. The blue lights are pointed at the Water track, the red lights are pointed at (the prostitutes, hihi-hi) the Fire track, which gives a beautiful effect in the evening.


Is there any TPR member who has experienced the darkride Fata Morgana?

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Back home!


Wow, it was great to go through all these pics and re-live the memories again. Thanks Hawaiian Mike for the great shot of me failing at the donkey. The group shot turned out well, after we got that woman out of the way! Hilarious.


And thanks to the Alvey's and everyone else involved for such a memorable trip! I can't wait for everyone elses PTRP's and stuff!

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is the Donkey from the Efteling..


"THE" Donkey from TPR ?

I hope it is still there then...


Great to see all the updates! I was in the park on Sunday. I have seen some members, when I remembered what fun I have missed on this forum over the years. I hope you have enjoyed the trip troughout Europe, even though it seems we broke more coasters then we buidl last year

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Here is our full POV video from Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon) in HD!


This video features a POV from both tracks - Water and Fire, onride shots of the coaster racing, and even a reverse POV!




Watch on YouTube for the full HD version.



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