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Photo TR: Martin's Fantasy Island and more (well, kind of)

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This Photo TR was originally going to be called Diet Behemoth Bash. Mainly because I planned to hit Martin's Fantasy Island on Friday (6/25), Canada's Wonderland on Saturday (6/26) and Seabreeze/Darien Lake on Sunday (6/27). Well, I made it to all the parks, but my camera didn't. With only minutes to shoot I snapped a few pics at CW before it's battery died. So much for Diet Behemoth Bash. More like Behemoth Bash Zero or Behemoth Bash Free Sample at the Super Market.


Anyway, the photos I did get at CW are included with these photos from Martin's Fantasy Island! This is my first attempt at a photo TR. It's also my first attempt at doing anything serious with a camera.


As for the park, I loved it. I found it quite similar to Waldameer, but with a bit more charm. Which is good


Ok. To the photos! I would LOVE some feedback. Thanks and enjoy (hopefully).



The entrance...I arrived at 5:45pm for a discounted .95 ticket.


You can't see it, but one of the arrows says "This way to Charmville."


I wasn't lying about my time of arrival...or which park I went to.


See? It's Charmville. Or Charmtown. Or Charmuffalo. Or, ok, i'll stop.


The canoes! Free of charge? Yes. Free of charm? I think not.


Onto the rides!! Well, kind of...


...Mega Disk'O lost it's charm at some point...


...it didn't run for the rest of the day.


But Flight was running!!


It goes really high.


Did you know they don't allow single riders on Flight? :(


Do a 180 from Flight and you'll see this.




Semi-dork shot.


Token Ferris Wheel shot.


Now, before it gets dark...


Silver Comet...


...we pause this lift hill progression for a brief look at the sign...


...ok, back to Silver Comet.


Almost there!


A different angle.


Yes! Finally!


And around one of many turns :)

Ok. So, after Martin's I headed to Toronto for Canada's Wonderland (little did I know it was G8/G20 this weekend, ooops). I stayed at the Gladstone Hotel on Queen Street and highly recommend it (not during riots, though). Got some rest and woke up Saturday morning to find it raining (as it did for most of the morning/afternoon).


There were a few moments of dryness, though, and I was able to take these...



As you can see, it was a dreary day :(


This was around 2pm. Behemoth was testing for some reason?


The entrance.


Ahhhh...Cedar Fairamount :)


My 2nd time to CW, 1st time on Behemoth <3


Still testing...


...there we go!!!

My camera died soon after this last picture


However, my visit was MUCH more enjoyable than the first, even with the rain. Less crowds. More B&M Hypers. Good times!!


From there I headed to Rochester and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express near Seabreeze. Woke up early. Went to the park for a few hours. Enjoyed it much. Then headed back to Cleveland, stopping at Darien Lake on the way.


Well, that's all I got. Hope you enjoyed Behemoth Bash Free Sample at the Super Market 2010! Wooo!



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Nice report! I was just at Fantasy Island on Father's Day. I went with my partner, his daughter, two grand-daughters and my Dad. They were offering free admission for all Dads, which I thought was pretty cool. Even cooler was that even though I wasn't a Dad and told the ticket lady, she saw the girls and let me in for free anyway!


I did snap some pictures as well, but have not had the time to post them...eventually I will. Not to hijack the thread, but I will satisfy britishdebutante's request! It's kinda dark, but it is the flume that provides unacceptable amounts of wetness!


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Thx for the compliment AND backing me up!! Ha. The log flume is rather elusive in terms of getting a good picture. I debated trying the Ferris Wheel for a better angle, but was short on time and wanted a few more laps on Silver Comet.


ALSO!!! I forgot about this, but one of the ride ops on SIlver Comet was dropping MF bombs in front of numerous children. Martin would not be happy.

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^How dare he talk smack about Millenium Force like that!


All kidding aside, that is definitely not cool if a ride op is talking vulgar in front of kids at a family amusement park - he should have been reported and fired immediately. I would have been appalled if we would have had to hear that language in front of Michael's grandkids when we were there on Father's Day.


Of note, I can say that our experience on Father's Day was a decent one with the staff. Not only did I get in for free even though I wasn't a Dad, my father lost his lock-er wristband in the water park where it was a $5 fee for lost keys. When he approached one of the lifeguards about it and told him he thought he lost it on the "cannon bowl" slide, he went right over and knew right where it was in the splash pool! He fished it right out and didn't charge him $5! Almost as cool as when he lost his keys at Sea World on Manta and one of the employees helped find them...that is the kind of above and beyond customer service that really keeps you going back to certain parks!!!


I also want to give a shout out to the older gent running one of the concession stands. Not only was he pleasant, he knew how to pour a great giant draft! That cup of beer was filled to the brim as he would scrape the foam off the top and keep filling. Man, what a deal for $6.75 at a theme park...it was like a quart of beer!


Below is a pic of the Oasis stand, although you can't make out the server too well...he definitely rocked!


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What did you think of seabreeze? Do you have any comments or suggestions? This is my fourth year life guarding in the waterpark there, and I always like to hear what members of the enthusiast community think of the park.

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Thank you all for the compliments


adamico2, Seabreeze was an excellent experience! My only gripe would be the food prices. They seemed WAY overpriced. Would you agree?


Also, I was reading a review of Seabreeze on a TripAdvisor-ish website (don't remember which one) and someone was complaining about a recent altercation at the park. He/she said they would never go back because the park isn't releasing the details about the incident. My guess was some sort of fight. I noticed there was security everywhere (maybe too much considering how small the park is). Do you or anyone else know what that review was referencing?


Other thoughts: The view from the Whirlwind lift is amazing! Reminded me of Ravine Flyer II. Jack Rabbit was classic. And Bobsled was such a cute ride!


Overall, it's a clean, well-done, perfectly located small park. I would definitely go back. Need that Bear Trax credit

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Yes, the food prices are ridiculous; that's why the employees get a 40% discount. Honestly, most people go to Bill Gray's for dinner, located just outside of the park at the base of the waterpark (back) parking lot. As for the "incident," management chose not to open the park on Memorial Day due to a threat of a massive gang fight. It's a good thing the park did close because the gangs moved to another location (festival outside of a mall). Security is very visible in the park. I think most parks probably have a similar concentration of security guards; they may just have more of office jobs when they are not needed. (Security also deals with lost children, etc. not just unruly guests.) Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the park.

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As for the "incident," management chose not to open the park on Memorial Day due to a threat of a massive gang fight. It's a good thing the park did close because the gangs moved to another location (festival outside of a mall).


Don't these stupid kids know that they are supposed to have gang fights in the ghetto streets and not at amusement parks, festivals and malls? Didn't they learn anything from watching Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' video?? DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!


And WTF...gangs in Rochester? Are their "colors" white and lilac??


Biiiiiiiitch pleeease!!!!!

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What did you think of seabreeze? Do you have any comments or suggestions? This is my fourth year life guarding in the waterpark there, and I always like to hear what members of the enthusiast community think of the park.



I can't pinpoint exactly why, but I absolutely adore Seabreeze. In fact, it's by far my favorite of the parks in Western New York. Perhaps it's the charm of the park, or the certain degree of classiness that the park has. It just has a feel to it, a feel that the others around don't have. The Jack Rabbit is a fun old ride, the Flying Scooters-while not the best in the industry-are always fun to me. I love the Musik Express... and the waterpark is a blast. Sure, Seabreeze doesn't have huge rides like Darien Lake... but I can honestly say that I've never had a very spectacular time at Darien. Fantasy Island, while not dreadful, lacks the feeling that you are somewhere really special. Don't get me wrong--I'll never turn down a visit to any of the other parks--but when it comes to special, Seabreeze has it nailed. In fact, it makes me wonder why I haven't made the 20 minute drive up there yet this year. Hmmm...

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