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Canobie Lake Park TR- June 25, 2010

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Yesterday was one of the best moments of the year for me. I got to visit my first amusement park of the year! Even better, it was my home park and my favorite park in New England, Canobie Lake Park. Heck, it is one of my favorite parks anywhere, and as usual I had a blast.


The weather could not have been anymore perfect, as there were cloudless skies and not too much humidity, but there was plenty of sun. After an hour long ride (thankfully there was no traffic), I arrived at the park with my friend, my sister, and her friend. With the discount tickets I had gotten for Christmas, I was able to get into the park quickly.


Now, I unfortunately was unable to get to Canobie last year, so the first thing that I noticed was Canobie’s much better entrance. The architecture is simply stunning and it is a much more fitting entrance for this exemplary family park. Additionally, the employees at the entrance were cheery as usual, setting the tone for a great day.


First, we decided to ride Canobie’s only inverting ride, the Corkscrew. Until this point, my sister had yet to ride a looping coaster (or any looping ride for that matter). However, she was ready to give it a shot as she had worked up the courage to try SFNE’s Bizarro on a class trip and she loved it. After waiting 15 minutes for the very nice looking yellow Arrow, we boarded in the second-to-last car. For some reason, I liked the Corkscrew more than usual this year. Not only did it provide the typical ejector air going down the first drop, but it also was very smooth going through both of the corkscrews. That is right- no headbanging! While it is a very short coaster, it is a great fit for the park. Even better, my sister enjoyed it.


Afterwards, we headed over to Canobie Village to ride Policy Pond Log Flume. After a 20-25 minute wait, we boarded. Kudos to the park for removing all of the gum from the ride’s station and along the ride’s trough, as in past years it had been quite a repulsive sight. This is still one of my favorite log flumes anywhere (outside of the Orlando flumes, it is only behind Knoebels’s flume for my favorite). With a relaxing journey through the woods, a thrilling plunge, and a satisfying splash, this is a real winner and my third favorite ride in the park. Also, did this used to have water cannons? I’m not 100% sure, but for some reason I think that they were there a few years ago.


Then we decided to ride one of Canobie’s biggest thrill rides, the Xtreme Frisbee. After a 20 minute wait, we all boarded. While the cycle seemed a bit shorter this year, the ride seemed more intense. The first half was filled with some gentle swings and decent spinning, but it is the second half that really made this ride shine. Here, the Frisbee spun much faster creating some really strong Gs and at the tops of the swings, I got several small pops of air. While the Huss Frisbees pale in comparison to the Technical Park (Palace Playland’s Adrenalin) and KMG (Freak Out) versions, this is my favorite Huss Frisbee.


Next, we wanted to ride the Rowdy Roosters; however, its queue ran out into the midway so we decided to avoid it as a full queue can be a 45 minute wait due to the ride’s very low capacity and slow loading. Therefore, we decided to ride the Wipeout. While I definitely miss the Kosmo Jet, Wipeout is one of the park’s best flats. Compared to every other Chance Wipeout I’ve been on, this one is superior. Not only does it have the best theming, but it also has a much more intense cycle. After a 10 minute wait, I was treated to a very intense cycle teeming with pops of air and powerful laterals, especially during the ride’s finale.


Then it was time to ride my favorite ride at Canobie, the Yankee Cannonball. As usual, the ride boasted a 40-45 minute wait. However, I was perfectly content because despite the park’s one-train operation, the operators were really working quickly. Additionally, I was able to watch their new Jungle Antics show at the Midway Stage. While I was unable to see the entire show, it definitely seemed well-liked by the kids as there was some really unique animals such as a miniature kangaroo and a wildcat.


Back to the Yankee Cannonball, I rode in the very back with my friend. This year, the ride had individual seatbelts rather than a shared seatbelt. Were these added last year or this year? Anyway, thanks to the buzzbars and the park’s incredible maintenance crew, the Yankee Cannonball is one of the best wooden coasters I’ve ever been on. While the ride is old and lacks the height of many modern day coasters, the Yankee Cannonball is loaded with copious air time throughout each and every one of its hills. Not only that, but it is glass-smooth. This is easily the park’s star attraction and it delivered as usual.


Immediately after, we decided to ride the park’s drop tower, Star Blaster. An S&S Double Shot, Star Blaster is shorter than New England’s other S&S towers. However, size does not matter. After a 15 minute wait, we boarded and were treated to an amazing ride. What the ride lacks in size, Star Blaster makes up with in brute force. This tower still has two very intense launch followed by two incredible moments of ejector air that no other drop tower matches in my opinion. After WDW’s Tower of Terror, this is definitely my favorite drop tower.


Then it was time for lunch, so we decided to go to the Portofino Restaurant along Canobie Lake. We ordered a large cheese pizza. As usual, the restaurant was air conditioned and a sanctuary from the heat. Additionally, the pizza was extraordinary as usual. Not only is it my favorite pizza at a theme park, but it is also my favorite pizza anywhere.


Unfortunately, my sister was not feeling too well, so she had to leave early with her friend. However, I stayed with my friend for the rest of the day. So we decided to ride DaVinci’s Dream since it was right next to the restaurant. After a 5 minute wait, we boarded and I was reminded why it is my favorite swing ride anywhere. Not only is the ride simply a jewel to look at, but it is run a bit quicker than the swings I’ve been on at other parks, and subsequently it has stronger G-forces.


Then, we decided to ride the Turkish Twist, which received a new paint job since my last visit. While the ride definitely looks fresh, I personally liked the ride’s old paint scheme better. After a 5 minute wait, we boarded the drum. Of every rotor I’ve been on, this one is far and away my favorite. While it has a very short cycle, the ride is very intense. The G-forces this ride dishes out are simply incredible and very few rides can make me as dizzy as this ride does.


Next, we decided to ride the Corkscrew again. After a 20 minute wait, we boarded the back row and had another great ride. We then contemplated heading back to Canobie Village to ride either the Pirata or the Mine of Lost Souls, but instead we decided to ride the park’s bumper cars.


The Dodgem had received a new paint job since my last visit, as it now sports a flamboyant neon pink, orange, and green scheme. After a 5 minute wait, we boarded. While the park’s bumper cars are fun, they are nothing special compared to the bumper cars offered at some of the other New England parks like Funtown’s, Santa’s Village’s, or those at Six Flags New England. The cycle seemed a bit longer than last time though, so I give the park credit for that.


Then, we decided to ride Dodgem’s neighbor, Zero Gravity. The replacement for the park’s old Round-Up, Zero Gravity is an even better version in my opinion. After a 5 minute wait, we boarded this Dartron flat. While the ride itself seemed a bit smaller than the park’s old Round-Up, Zero Gravity seemed a bit more intense. Round-ups have always been one of my favorite flats, so I am glad that the park made sure to get a new one to replace the old one.


Because it had no line, we then decided to hit the Crazy Cups. While the ride boasts a rather small footprint, it is still an enjoyable ride with some decent spinning. That being said, I like the version at Story Land better as it seems to be run a bit longer.


Afterwards, we decided to ride the park’s new ride for 2009, Wave Blaster. After a 15 minute wait, we boarded this Zamperla flat. I personally was not a big fan of the restraints on this as they seemed to go down rather far and were quite restrictive. Moving past that, Wave Blaster is a perfect fit for the park as it is a solid family ride. That being said, while the bouncing is fun, it is not overly exciting for a majority of the ride except for the sporadic “big” bounces. The cycle was decent in length though.


Immediately after, we decided to get a second ride on the Yankee Cannonball, and again it was a 45 minute wait. This time we got the second-to-back row. Again, we were treated to a great ride stuffed with amazing air-time. I honestly am surprised that this ride does not receive more acclaim than it does as it is the second best woodie in New England after Lake Compounce’s heralded Boulder Dash.


Not wanting to forget about the Cannonball’s neighbor, we then hit Star Blaster for a second time. After a 10 minute wait, we boarded and got an equally great ride. Again, I am still in awe at the sheer power that this S&S tower provides.


While it was still hot out, the line for the Boston Tea Party had died down a bit. Therefore, we decided to give it a ride. After changing into my bathing suit, we waited 5-10 minutes and then boarded. After a relaxing climb up the ride’s 50ft lift that provided great views of Canobie Lake, we went down the ride’s thrilling drop and created a massive splash that got me absolutely drenched. I still feel sorry for my friend since he forgot to bring his bathing suit.


Wanting to dry off, he suggested we ride the Xtreme Frisbee again. After a 10-15 minute wait, we boarded and had another great ride. I definitely prefer the Xtreme Frisbee to the old coaster that used to rest in its place, the Rockin’ Rider.


Finally, we were about to go so we decided to get one last ride in. Therefore, we decided to ride the park’s tilt-a-whirl, Twist & Shout. After a 10 minute wait, we boarded the very nice looking flat. I had previously only been on this tilt-a-whirl once and was very underwhelmed; however, this time it gave a far superior ride. While the ride started slow, by the end our car was really spinning and producing some intense Gs.


By this time, we had to go but we both had a great day. Canobie continues to be my favorite park in New England as I just love the atmosphere and ride selection that this park offers. Throughout my visit, I only saw one ride down, the Skater, but there were four maintenance guys working arduously to reopen it when I walked by. They were all working on the ride vehicle itself, and the employee standing at the entrance was telling guests that it would reopen later. I never returned to that side of the park, but I assumed that the park was able to fulfill this. The only complaint I have about the park would be its lack of season passes (just curious, does anyone know why the park does not have season passes?). Anyway, if you are anywhere in the New England area, I definitely recommend making time for one of the best family parks anywhere.

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