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Dorney Park or Six Flags GAdv tomorrow? 6/24

Six Flags GAdv or Dorney  

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I finally have a week day off that isn't already wrapped up in plans and I want to go to either Dorney Park or Great Adventure tomorrow June 24th. I would like to know which you guys think would be less packed, and most enjoyable. I have not been to Dorney since the addition of Hydra so some new credits lurk in Allentown. SF GAdv has the Bamboozle rd show tomorrow all day long and the last time I went to GAdv during a free concert last year it was a bad experience. I'm not sure how it will be with this "attraction" since tickets are sold separate from park admission. If the rumors are true though, I would like to ride GASM before July comes around if it does indeed close. Also, its suppose to be 40% chance of heavy storms all day in both places so which will have the least amount of ride closures?

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I know what you mean with storms clearing out parks. I went to GAdv last year on the last weekend before Fright Fest and it was gray and nasty all day which kept crowds to a minimum. I have ridden every coaster at GAdv but they never seem to get dull. I didn't know CF had that rain policy but is definitely nice to know. I would also like to see El Toro's wrap since I haven't been there this year to see all the crazy Ads. What should crowds be like in the park even with the Bamboozle Road Show being an upcharge?

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I thought about Hershey but its a little bit of a drive (I'm in Lansdale) but I do want to go since I have not been on Great Bear, Fahrenheit, Stormrunner or the two woodies over in Hershey. I have not been there since the addition of the boardwalk or Fahrenheit. Any idea on their rain policies? How are the lines at Hershey since the addition of the boardwalk and Fahrenheit?

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I'm going to GAdv tomorrow myself. Not terribly excited about it, but I have several reasons for it.


I too am worried about the crowds tomorrow due to the concert. I actually paid for the concert ticket ($20) since I have a Season Pass and wouldn't mind checking it out briefly (just want to see Simple Plan!) but I also need a credit or two at the park. I'm hoping that once the concert starts, lines will clear out.


Who knows though.

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^ I hear ya. 2 years ago I went the same day as the free Boys Like Girls, Metro Station etc concert that was being held in Northern Star Arena and when the concert started it was still packed because they let more and more people in the gates even though the arena was filled so everyone who couldn't get into the concert rode the rides. Everything seemed to have at least an hour long wait. I ending up sending a complaint to Six Flags because of how poorly the operations were that day. All I was able to ride the whole time of the concert was GASM which had the shortest wait. You couldn't even walk over to Medusa (now Bizarro) because of how crowded Frontier Adventures. Hopefully its better this go around since there is a limited number of tickets and it is an upcharge however there will be 2 arenas used for the concert(s).

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