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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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So what do we make of this? As well as the postponed 'World of David Walliams' featuring 'Gangsta Granny: The Ride' opening this season, Alton Towers have rented three classic fairground rides they ar

I mean, at least Merlin is finally using their bizarre ass marketing for something that kind of works?!!? I get that it's a bunch of temporary carnival rides but at this point I'll take it!

I think they're trying to make the best out of a bad situation - partly of their own doing as they seem to have got rid of all their support rides. The choice of rides seems pretty crappy so well done

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I honestly like a lot of the things Merlin does for their marketing. The community may find some of them to be obnoxious or overblown, but their rides are successful because they do such interesting and widespread craziness.


The contest to be the first ride Th13een? The months of buildup? How many websites ended up covering that? The Bottomless elevator shaft prank for Sub Terra? Building its backstory off of Nemesis? An entire haunt maze devoted to building up the back story for the Ministry of Joy? The creepy logos all over England?


Whether we like it or not, they have our attention, and that was their goal in the first place.

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I'm glad to see that SW7 is so close to Oblivion. I think the two would make a pretty good pair.


Also, do you think that Alton/Gerstlauer will call that inversion simply a Batwing, or do you think they have changed it enough to call it its own element?

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It has been colloquially called a 'Stafford Knot' element by some enthusiasts.


The logo for Staffordshire County Council is:



And, with Alton Towers being in Staffordshire, it kind of works!

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I think that Merlin didn't want the park or ride to be mentioned because this way it generates interest from everyone, not just theme park and rollercoaster fans. Everyone will be talking about it and speculating what it could be about.


I think we will see another article in the coming week or so with Alton Towers coming clean and saying it was them promoting their new rollercoaster, and i think the name of the coaster and maybe even the new opening date being revealed in the article.


My money is on the rollercoaster being named "The Smiler", i know it seems like a daft name but i think the themeing and story of the coaster will make it make sense. Also the interlocking cobra roll and batwing do kind of look like the smiley face logo. I think the ride will open on good friday, that's what is being rumoured at the moment.

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I really like this marketing. Much better then some dummy's with missing arms and legs. I can't wait for this ride to open. I'm curious about the secret element, although I see them go for the washing machine.

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