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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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Here is all the information on Alton Towers' new planned coaster all in one place! Thanks to everyone who helped proved links to the images and information!




"The Thorpe Park ride, “Saw” is the same type and manufacturer as the

proposed ride, including a “beyond vertical” drop."

Taken from the 3.1 of the noise report.


- Theming designs and detail are current still being drawn up and are due to be submitted at a later date.

The track has been designed to be of a similar height to Oblivion, the station will use similar materials to the Oblivion buildings (suggesting an extension of X Sector's theme)

- The roller coaster track will be painted black/grey

- There will be an on-ride photo and a shop

- Ride construction will begin in September 2012

- The cost of this project is £20 million

- Some of the roller coaster will be below current ground level, so there will be some excavation.


Some images of the layout:


Source: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/upload/PublicAccess/proposedsiteplan%20(37877).PDF


SOURCE: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/upload/PublicAccess/AABBpropsed%20(37847).PDF


SOURCE: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/upload/PublicAccess/EEFFproposed%20(37856).PDF


SOURCE: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/upload/PublicAccess/CCDDproposed%20(37851).PDF


And a video!


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^Yes thats the conversion from £ to $. Either way its going to be expensive but I belive that will be due to the excavations and extensive groundworks it looks like they will have too do.


I have to say its nice to see some work finally being done to X-Sector but I am not getting my hopes up yet about this getting aapprovedwithout some form of conditions that will involve some weird changes.


Im more focused on the new ride for this year. Another dark ride is always good in my book.

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^ you can't really compare costs of coasters as a straight USD to GBP swap at the most recent exchange rate. Coasters built in the UK always have a higher $$ price tag than equivalents built in the US- there's large underlying taxation and other 'local' cost differences at play in these type of projects

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Looks like they are exploiting the approvals they gained for Oblivion... as on the South Elevation view it seems to show the same distance above the tree line as Oblivion allowing them to avoid that being used as a Planning Restrictor?


Look Forward to seeing it but more importantly where is the Scarefest Stuff going to move to

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That figure of money is relative, not only down to the exxhange rate, but that figure can be warped by the price of materials and shipping etc, promotional tie-ins, planning costs. even the cost of removing the old Black Hole tent.


Rides do not have a constant price regardless of their location, nor do different park management have the same methods of calculating how much (they tell the press and public) how much their ride costs.


I'm just disappointed it's not a looping inverting Big Apple. This is clearly what Alton is missing.

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This is not what I was expecting in the slightest!!


I thought they would be building something low key, mainly indoors in a new building to reduce excessive noise being emitted to the parks neighbours.


This is the exact opposite. Pretty excited!

However seeing how close it is to the village and how much is exposed to the nearby hillside I can see this kicking up quite a few complaints. We'll just have to see!

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Reading the reports that go with these plans the park seems very confident that the track aspect of the new ride doesn't need to be approved as it fits in with guidelines that are already in place for that area of the site. It seems the station building and excavation work that they are more concerned about with these documents.


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Does that say new high of 195m? A 639 foot eurofighter sounds like my cup of tea



Pretty sure that's elevation, not the actual height of the ride. We all know Alton Towers is well known for building incredibly high coasters (Oblivion, Air, etc.)...oh wait.

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The plans look pretty decent too me.


The Black Hole tent is actually massive inside when it's empty so removing it and claiming even more space will make for a huge plot of land on which this thing will occupy.


Will be interesting to see how it develops.



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Wow, looks like an exhilaratingly action-packed layout. Those drawings are downright sexy.


This is all the more reason I'd better get myself to the UK next year.


Here's hoping the confidence that this will be the final design turns out to be justified!

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