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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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^For those of us that don't want to bother clicking the link...do we know what the ride is or any further details?


From all of the Alton Towers websites out there It would appear to be an indoor drop tower similar to Extremis at London Dungeons, should be interesting, but just hoping the whole story keeps going and they don't ruin it!

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Well we have some plans for SW7 and it looks like the best possible cure for Alton's lackofinversions syndrome.




"The Thorpe Park ride, “Saw” is the same type and manufacturer as the

proposed ride, including a “beyond vertical” drop."

Taken from the 3.1 of the noise report.


- Theming designs and detail are current still being drawn up and are due to be submitted at a later date.

The track has been designed to be of a similar height to Oblivion, the station will use similar materials to the Oblivion buildings (suggesting an extension of X Sector's theme)

- The roller coaster track will be painted black/grey

- There will be an on-ride photo and a shop

- Ride construction will begin in September 2012

- The cost of this project is £20 million

- Some of the roller coaster will be below current ground level, so there will be some excavation.


Now watch it fail the planning application process.

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I don't think it will be that disappointing, the plans look pretty nice in my opinion, even looks like there might be a launch section as well as a vertical lift hill. Plus there could be a nice hidden element in the indoor section. Add in a the new lap bar restraints and it could be a more than decent addition to the park.


The height and noise restrictions at AT really do prevent them from getting anything really huge so I think the new coaster could be perfect for what the park can do.


But what I'd love to see is sensible marketing for the ride. No more ridiculous Thirteen-style claims.



But what's important is AT and Thorpe are continuing to add new attractions. Long may it continue! I'm still holding out for a terrain-hugging woodie that traverses the valley in AT though!

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We'll be getting (if permission is granted) an inversion filled coaster that replaces a building that has been empty for years in an area that has been in need of some attention for even longer.


How disappointing indeed.

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WWWHHHHAAATTT??? A Euro Fighter next to Oblivion? The world's first "vertical drop" coaster with a beyond vertical drop next to it.


The layout looks fun though. It is screaming Takabisha to me.


I'm going to start the Secret Weapon ball rolling:





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Based on local height restrictions, a Eurofighter does make sense for Alton, but these rides have been sprouting like weeds for the last few years. That being said, I like Eurofighters (especially if they use lapbars).

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I feel like I see 9 or 8 inversions. I can't tell if it's a vertical lift or a drop. Also looks like there is a new take on the cobra roll right next to the traditional cobra roll (looks like a more compact twisted horeshoe roll as found on Maverick and Blue Fire but with the curve between the two inversions more vertical in orientation than horizontal)


SOURCE: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/upload/PublicAccess/AABBpropsed%20(37847).PDF


SOURCE: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/upload/PublicAccess/EEFFproposed%20(37856).PDF


SOURCE: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/upload/PublicAccess/CCDDproposed%20(37851).PDF

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^its a vertical lift, as each coaster pre-drops towards each other before the main ~50 degree drops


If you look at all the plans- the first lift is at c.45 degrees, and the second is a vertical lift. No beyond vertical drops.


The coaster is also very clearly a Mobius-style duelling coaster- look how those inversions interlock.


So my bets would be, on the world first-ness: worlds first [XXXX] duelling coaster


Looking at the layout and supporting it could be an Intamin Blitz coaster (especially given the longer between block sections and the fact there's no beyond vertical drop) or a Eurofighter.


Either way, I think it's the best coaster layout we could have hoped for and is very exciting- I genuinely won't understand if people start moaning about this one. I'd have this over Swarm any day, if only for the sheer length of it...

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If the plans aren't loading, here is a short video showing the main plans...



My intial thoughts...


What the hell is gonna go on in that building? It's large and the track exits/enters at different heights.

This coaster is gonna duel for at least part of the way

Is it really Gerstauler, it looks more Maurery to me?


So many possiblities and no details have been released about the extensive theming mentioned on the plans...

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Having had my first Eurofighter experience at SFoG this year, I can say that it was nucking futz- and not a bad experience at all (Save the 'dump you out onto the gravel' heartline inversion on DDD...) Smooth, fast, and (at least for me) terrifying, it's a good combination of what will really scare the crap out of people.


Having seen the pictures, layout, etc. for SW7 though, I can say this ride looks amazing- and in so many ways. It's like they've squeezed a $10.00 coaster on a $2.00 plot- and if this layout is anything to be trusted, it's going to be a pile of twisted, warped steel going in so many directions- making the layout confusing.


In short, I think Alton Towers has ordered a fantastic looking ride, at least from these permit applications, and I think a good fit for the parks' needs.

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