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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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Ihope they take off the age ban. I doubt it will cause people under the age mental scarring. And I hope they take off the one ride per day thing, seems kinda like a ripoff to do that.

It's marketing, simple as. There won't be an age or ride limit on the ride once it opens in March, it's a easy way to get into the papers.

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No it doesn't.


To be honest, the only reason they have released this 'information' in the Press Release is to conjure up some wild rumours so they can promote the ride further due to WOM (Word Of Mouth).


A lot of attractions and parks do this, I mean that's what teasers are for, they are there to give a little tiny section of information but leave the rest to your own imagination.


So yes, I wouldn't expect you to sign a disclaimer, be over the age of 18 or only ride once per day, it's just marketing and publicity for Thirteen.



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I totally understand where you're coming from. They're on a fine line with what they're saying, extremely bold statements. It wouldn't surprise me if they try and enforce at least one of the three tules at the beginning of the season, or at least on the Thirteen Weekend.


But hey, you know what they say 'Even bad publicity is good publicity'.

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Few updates from the park today


Sonic's Arrival 100% Confirmed:

Though it had been spotted on promotional materials for the 2010 season, the park officially confirmed (via the official site) the Spinball Whizzer retheme to become "Sonic Spinball" and released the ride's new logo. A new themed suite will also open in Alton Towers Hotel and the partnership with Sega is for 3 years - fuelling the recent speculation that the ride is set for a move within the resort in the future.

New theming, sound effects and a car design are expected for the new season. Sonic Spinball is due to open for the Feb Half Term event which begins on 13th Feb.



More 13 related PR BS:

The Daily Star are running a story about a construction worker who is so scared by Thirteen he has stopped work. He has supposedly been breaking out in cold sweats etc...

BRITS scared of number 13 will be offered therapy so they can try out a new £15million rollercoaster.


It comes after builder Paul McNichol, 44, had to stop work on the scary new Th13teen ride at Alton Towers Resort, Staffs. He was so paralysed by his fear that he broke out in cold sweats.


But after sessions with top hypnotherapist Bonita Rayner-Jones, he was able to conquer his terror. Bonita said: “Fear of the number 13 is common. But we were able to tackle the problem once and for all.”


The ride starts on March 20. To find out more about hypnotherapy at Alton Towers Resort, contact phobia@alton-towers.com

Link to full "story"


2010 Promotional Image

Though the image had been spotted in a brochure and scanned online this past week, a higher quality version has made it's way online.

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Just a random question, but what the hell is the blue thing supprting the red thing in the background. It looks like spinball's horseshoe, but its too tall for that. I thought Alton cant build tall rides.


That is indeed Spinball Whizzer's/Sonic Spinball's horseshoe immelmann turn! It does look quite tall from the image, but I believe that is mainly down to the angle the picture is taken from. It's been taken from near enough ground level on the main lawns at Alton towers looking up, making Spinball look taller than it is!


And you are right, Alton Tower's can't build really tall rides, the restriction is that they are not allowed to build above tree height, anything that can be seen from outside the park must be painted to blend in. Hence why the tops of Rita and Air's Lift Hill are painted Green .



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