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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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Wow i'm loving this. I wish Cedar Point and parks in the U.S. would just open there plans like this, but I understand how close the competition is over here, so I know they have to keep stuff under wraps. This coaster looks amazing. I'm looking forward to following the construction.

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According to Alton Towers Almanac:

The track for Secret Weapon 6, the new roller coaster at Alton Towers for next year, has been delivered.


Construction of the coaster is expected to proceed at a very fast pace, with some estimates saying that the entire circuit will be in place in time for the Scarefest Halloween event starting, mid-way through next month.


The track arrived yesterday in several large containers, along with a crane and other equipment. They are temporarily being stored in a seldom-used car park near the Alton Towers Hotel.


A temporary fence has gone up around the containers, preventing the general public from getting too close (in contrast to Air and Rita, where there was no such restriction).



Very interesting! Any shots at the manufacturer? I THINK it is Intamin, but I can't be too sure. What do you think?



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That reverse-banked turn section of track looks fun... or very painful.



EDIT: Now that I look at it again, rollerboy may be right about the angle of the photo just making the banking look strange. Oh well.

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About the reverse banking, I think it is just the way the track is laying on the ground. If it is banked at the other end of the track more than the end closest to the camera, then it would twist to balance the track piece making it appear to be wrongly banked if you know what I mean.

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It's been confirmed that this is going to be an intamin family coaster




However, this might not be too bad imo, because according to rcdb intamin mega lites have a height restriction of 1.1M, which would probably allow them to be classed as a family coaster.


It's not confirmed yet but with what we have so far it looks quite likely that SW6 is gonna be some kind of mega-lite

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I would think that if it was going to be a Mega-Lite, it would actually say Mega-Lite on the label. The reason I say that is because Intamin seems to label their coasters the same way they categorize them on their website. Though this does seem to be some kind of hybrid, so who knows.

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This has probly been stated before, but that looks like an Aqua Trax to me.If it is I don't understand were there first of it's kind marketing came from. Maybe new elements?


Interesting observation - the track looks very similar but not sure if SW6 has intended water elements? I think this will be a more one off build hopefully with some unique elements not seen before.


Can't wait for my next visit to Alton Towers end of October to check out construction.


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