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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

P. 235: "The Curse at Alton Manor" dark ride opens Spring 2023!

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Thats my kind of park, i just wish they had them ride rougher coasters! lol

I would like to see that around here, although Lake Compounce is one of the few parks i know of that lets female guests ride in Bikinis which is one reason i love the park.

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What is with UK parks and they're crazy stunts? Didn't Nemesis (or Nemesis Inferno) cycle a train full of naked college kids a few years back? They've got some serious cohones!

Exactly. What's the deal?

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^I guess men don't have the same problem as women with their boobs falling out. And if they DID put the men who's boobs DO fall out on it, lets face it you probably wouldn't wanna see it.


Thats definitely the most entertaining coaster video I've seen in a while.

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I came across this on The Sun News


These girls popped out last week to show us how durable their undies are - by testing them on the fast Alton Towers ride.

A variety of Ultimo bras were put to the test to check they kept everything in tact - after news spread that girls are having nasty mishaps on the rides this summer.

"Many women across the UK wear ill-fitting bras, which can not only cause discomfort and long-term health problems, but also accidental exposure at inappropriate times," said Ultimo's MD Michelle Mone.

"We're working with Alton Towers to advise which styles of bras riders should be wearing, proving that thrills don't necessarily have to mean spills."

And the result? According to the experts, wear a well-fitted bra that holds em in.


Full story and video here-



Hot models in lingerie + roller coaster= Did I die and go to heaven?



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They should do something like that in the U.S.!!!!


My idea, take a hand full of Victoria's Secret models, or all of them and give them the whole day at SFMM to test their lingerie on SFMM's coasters!!!


I'd like to see what happens on Tatsu!!!

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Well now that we know Intamin has a new style of track that looks like Vekoma's, I think the the concept of this ride actually being an

Intamin is much more believable now. The track in the submitted plans looks sort of like the track for the project at KD.

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You are also launched backwards on V2 me thinks. I'm not fully sure. People here can probably correct me.


Yes, you are "launched" or accelerated on impulse coasters such as V2 but that is not from a standstill. You are launched forwards first and the backwards launching just adds a few mph. A strong backwards launch would be horrible.

I think that having a backwards launch would be thrilling and it wouldn't need to be drastic enough to give wiplash because just the fact that it would be backwards adds to the thrill. Intense launch not needed here. Maybe it will be something kind of like Expedition Everest in that maybe it will have forwards and backwards play with a minor backwards launch included?

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What were Secret Weapons 1 & 2? Why did it start at 3?


IT ACTUALLY STARTED AT sw1 & sw2 but they were never actually built so as such sw3 was in a sense the first sw to become a real ride.

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^ Actually the first time it was due to Arrows financial problems and height restrictions.

The second secret weapon was a redesigned pipeline coaster which was designed in a pit to avoid height restrictions. John Wardley then rode a prototype and found it slow and rough...(etc)


Then he rode Batman:The ride and fell in love with inverted coasters so SW3 became Nemesis.

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