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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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  • 5 weeks later...

Ok guys i'm interested to see what you think about this


I've been snooping around online and think i've found some very interesting linking stuff to the new coaster.


So You have Henry the Hound. One of the parks mascot's who wasn't used anymore some years ago. There is this video that appeared on the net on Saturday



Containing text

A trumpet blast, a charge into the light

From Alton Towers the hunt took flight

The Earl was confused and puzzled to why

His favorite hound was nowhere to his eye.


Upon the hunting parties return

The Earl's young child raised concern

For nowhere was he to be seen

Then suddenly an unearthly scream.


Her clothes covered in crimson smears

Her eyes alight, filled with fear

The maid cried the hound had killed the boy

With blood on it's fangs and eyes full of joy.


The frantic Earl, blinded by grief

Withdrew his blade from it's sheath

An almighty plunge of this hunting knife

Took the hound bereft of life.


The dog's dying cry awoke his son

Peacefully concealed in another room

But nearby, a slain wolf was found

The true attacker lay on the ground.


The Earl realised his dreadful error

His heart began to fill with terror

His child had been saved by the hound

Which lay displaying the fatal wound.


The poor dog's bones were laid to rest

North of the Towers in sacred ground blessed

From that day forth the Earl never smiled

His haunting mistake turning him wild.


His heart ripped and removed

The Earl's sorrow forever proved.


In a unmarked grave in Alton Towers

Lies a simple bed of flowers

In 2009 it's grave was disturbed

The Alton hound's accidental rebirth.


Very interesting.


But then I came across this video



which says the ride will be called Snorlix who is the dragon and a mascot of Alton Towers.


I have a fuuny feeling the video is right as it mentions the beast but I feel it could be to do with the Dog as he is no longer a mascot.


And then there is this video that gives me goose bumps as it suggest 3 different out comes to the ride when it goes into the indoor section a little like and stops dead infront of a barrier and switches direction like Expidtion everst and a better revenge of the mummy where duringthe stopit'll have special effect to terrify you as I feel this ride will mess with people pyschololgically like mentioned a little above in this topic. then *****Enter the world first***** You can either exit the tunnel launched forwards, backwards or the track will tilt into an underground section. Who knows which way you may exit.




It sounds amazing!

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Possibly but those videos (especailly the last 2) could be made by anyone.


Note the poor spelling in the third one too.




My guess is its just someone having a laugh. I could be wrong but I dont tend to believe too much until the park says so, since half the time its made up by some bored fanboy.

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I just watched all three videos and I visited the channels.


The first video seems to be official. The second video seems questionable and the third video could go either way. The misspelling of the word through kinda made me skeptical, but then I visited the channel and it seemed legit.


I really want to see the source of these videos first in order for me to tell if the videos are legit or not.

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Ugh. That last video was terrible.


"A Emotional"


"Threw" (used twice, but they used the correct form once too)

"Make Use Off The Landscape"

Missed commas when listing "Water, Air Smoke And Other Effects" among other places.

Randomly misplaced period in "Make Use Off The Landscape. Sending You..."


Also, the structure of the teaser completely deteriorates as it goes on. It says "A Rollercoaster Can ... " and lists a couple things, then repeats "can" (as if to read, "a roller coaster can can hurtle towards a solid wall..."), and eventually begins making its own stand alone sentences that (as far as I can tell) are still supposed to follow "A Rollercoaster Can ... ".


Sorry. I'm a bit of an English nerd. Bottom line, don't take that last one as official.

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Everyone is absolutely correct that video number three is not official.


Sanbrooks Productions has several clips on youtube relating to SW6 - none of which are official, but are just clips showing theories, known possibilities etc


Number two doesn't look official to me - just doesn't have the quality I'd expect, and don't see them announcing the name already


Number one looks official - and actually gave me a goosebumps watching it!

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^ To be fair though, they're not saying that their rides have failed, but claiming that the have failed to remove the 'humdrum from our lives'

It's just trying to set the scene & create excitement, and also fits in with what else we've seen / read about the ride, including the interview with the roller-coaster guy working on the project.

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The first video (well, up until the noise at the end that sounds like some sort of creature) makes me think of bioterrorism for some reason. That noise that plays through most of it is a very strange choice, but is definitely goosebump-inducing lol.

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I do agree the first one is defo genuine and that the other two are the work of fans possibly however I do feel the description of the coaster in the last video has the same elements that I listed in a previous post which I read from a document on the screamscape website. I know they are not the most reliable but it came from a bunch of planning app papers. will try to find it again.


So exciting.

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  • 2 weeks later...


So we could be looking at 2 coasters?


The B&M part is a bit of surprise, as the concept art for the track didn't look like B&M track, but if it's a world first - then you would expect the track to look different, wouldn't you? And AT does have a history with B&M and new track/coaster types - so it's not without merit.


as for the spinning coaster - isn't that was Spinball Whizzer is? Or am I mistaken? It makes sense that they will put something in there though, as it was a popular ride before, and they haven't torn down the tent.


And the rita re-theme makes sense, as the theme for the new coaster wouldn't match the area (and presumably, they'll re theme the whole of Ug-Land)


For what it's worth, I was at AT the other day, and there was no activity at either site, apart from the same 'coming 2010' banner.

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Awh! Sanbrooke has removed his video, otherwise I would have posted it. He basically said: It will be B&M. Rita's getting a re-theme. And a spinning coaster will be placed in Black Hole's tent.


So you're saying that B&M have randomly decided to change they type of track they use, and do a coaster that's not at all their style (something many other companies could do better).


Also they're going to put a spinning coaster in the park when there is a spinning coaster about 300 metres away?


Doesn't quite add up for me personally...

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Shoot me down if you like, but just because the concept art / planning submission art shows a style of track, doesn't necessarily mean that's the actual style of track that's going to be used - especially if indeed it is a new type of B&M track - they would want to keep the track spec pretty hush hush.


I not convinced it's B&M by any means - but don't rule it out based on track design in a planning submission.


I do agree with you on the spinning coaster bit though, as per my previous post

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If you submit a planning application for the house, it gets granted and then you build a house that looks different the council can tear it down.


Of course thats what the track will look like, whether its B&M I doubt it but we will have to see.


Can't believe the hysteria this is causing from some spotty little 14 year old kid posting from his bedroom.

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That's the thing though, the track style appears on the plans submitted to the council for planning permission. Planning laws in the UK are very strict and any deviation from what appears on the plans would cause huge delays.


With that in mind I think it's a good bet that the track for this new ride will appear exactly as it does on the plans. I'd say the likelihood of this being a B&M is very, very low.

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I am aware that planning laws in the UK are strict.


However, planning councils are also - where appropriate - sensitive to companies needing to keep some information secret - much in the same way that food manufacturers can apply to keep their food recipe secret.


Again - I'm neither agreeing or disagreeing that it's B&M, but just because the plans show type of track x doesn't mean that will be the final track - they may have previously agreed that they can use a generic track type for the purpose of submitting the planning application.

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I think you are clutching at some very big straws there.


I'm not clutching at any straws - I'm really not that bothered if it's B&M or not. Personally (and like I've said many times) I don't think it is - but don't assume its not just because of the drawings. If they wanted to disguise the track type in the planning submission - which, if it is a B&M prototype, they would certainly want to - they could.


If anything, it's more likely to be a Gerstlauer, seeing as Merlin have a history of buying rollercoasters in pairs.

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