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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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A member called TYX on TowersStreet has taken a screenshot from a promo video that showed the layout for a second, and labelled the different sections.



It's not great, it's going in the old Wobble World building so they're limited in space and Merlin are not focusing on the theme parks at all right now, so the budget is basically zero too! As with everything these days I'm pessimistic but open to pleasant surprises

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Does anyone have any experience with the availability of Uber to and from the park from Stoke-on-Trent? We're planning a trip and were initially planning to stay at the park but they close at 4:00 on Saturdays in late May for some reason so we'll probably just go back to London that same night.


God those hours are brutal...

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I was able to find an Uber from the Stoke-on-Trent train station to Alton Towers. There weren't many Ubers available, but there were plenty of taxis.


To get back to Stoke-on-Trent, I recommend reserving a taxi in advance. There may not be any by Alton Towers. I stayed onsite at Alton Towers and the hotel booked a taxi for me that was waiting for me a half hour after park closing.

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I didn’t have any luck with Ubers in the area when I went last year - I ended up calling for a taxi to pick me up at the train station in Uttoxeter. There were also several taxis just waiting at the entrance when the park closed at 4:00.

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Alton Towers have announced the new measures they're putting in place in order to reopen the park. All pretty predictable stuff apart from the fact masks are encouraged (not required), staff checking restraints will be in full PPE, and that riders will be grouped by household.


The absolute earliest they will be able to open is 4th July which is when the government here have said the hospitality industry might be able to reopen dependent on the infection rate, number of new cases, hospital admissions etc.


- Advanced booking is required for all guests, capacity will be reduced

- Temperature checks will be taken at the entrance and for staff

- Masks will be encouraged but are not required

- Markings in queues, toilets and communal areas to encourage social distancing

- Extra hand sanitisers around the resort, particularly around ride entrances/exits

- Frequent cleaning of high-contact areas

- Employees will wear full PPE (presumably face shields etc) to check restraints

- Riders will be batched as household groups with gaps in between each row


On the last point, in the UK, only people in the same household can be within 2m of each other. This means if a group of friends visit together, you will have to remain 2m apart from each other, and also not be able to ride together. This hasn't really occurred to me until now. I've not actually seen my friends for 3 months now so I hadn't even considered this.

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The government in the UK have announced today that theme parks will be able to open from 4th of July, so Alton Towers (along with all Merlin parks, Blackpool and Paultons etc) will be reopening.


In addition to my previous post masks will be required on most major rides/coasters within the park.


I'm not in a rush to visit but probably will at some point as I have a season pass.

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^I'm really happy for you guys! At one point England was looking as bad as us, but you guys pulled it together and are doing much better now!

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Thank you. Yeah, I think there's light at the end of the tunnel but I'm not 100% sure yet if it's daylight or a train coming the other way. I think we were too slow to lockdown and too slow to take testing seriously, but our health service wasn't overwhelmed and the government here has an extremely generous furlough scheme which has meant staff are paid 80% of their salary by the state. This has undoubtedly saved companies and saved jobs.

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Have booked up from 6th-8th July at AT Hotel and two day park entry. Bit nervous that it all be a bit shambolic early on particularly as we’re taking our 5yo who has Aspergers.


Has anyone heard if the CBeebies show and characters will be on? My boy loves Duggee and would be good if it was on although I suspect it won’t be to begin with.....

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