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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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It's national rollercoaster day today, and Alton Towers have released a video showing the history of Secret Weapons at the park, with a little SW8 tease at the end.


The SW8 website has also been updated, giving us the first idea on what the ride's theme might be. Let the speculation begin!


With the park announcing earlier in the month that there was going to be 4 mazes at this year's Scarefest, but only giving a name/theme to 3 of them, it's pretty safe to suggest that #4 will tie in to this ride in a similar way to The Sanctuary did with The Smiler during the 2012 event.


The teaser image for SW8


A closer look at the symbols that feature on the updated SW8 website

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The park also released this video:

I like it a lot. I love that the park embraces the Secret Weapon aspect of the marketing. With 6&7 that was more to the fans who knew what was going on, now they have this list of all the rides and their "first" feature and this feels more accesable for a broader group. Also love how the music shifts.

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I am also planning on driving a car from London up to Staffordshire, rather than using transit. The reason for this is that I don't think any trains/busses/taxis can get me to Alton by early entry, and quite frankly, the bus system in the countryside make me a little more nervous because I'm unfamiliar with it. I can get around London just fine (I've been out there 4 times in the last year), and have driven along the southern coast through Wales and such. Is there any specific advice when driving a car? Would you recommend a different way to travel the 150 miles that might be better for a foreigner?


Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!


Hey! I just did the same as you, travelled solo to Alton Towers. You basically have two options: Get to Stoke on Trent or Uttoxeter the night before(nearest Rail Stations and book a nearby hotel, THEN take a Taxi to the park and set up a time for one to bring you back from the main entrance after close (35/40 pounds round trip from those stations, not including the Rail , or bus fare via National Express coaches or hotel).


Or you can just drive which is highly recommended. The park is just not convenient at all to get to by public Transport. Some tips as well for your visit:


1. Nemesis is completely barren for early entry, I got 6 rides in the first 30-40 minutes, however...


2. It's also really dead throughout the day. The queue does not hit more than 10-15 minutes at most. It's also way way in the back left of the park. You will not need a fast track for it.


3. When I was there by FAR the longest queue in the park was for the Octonauts coaster at 75 minutes in Cbeebies land. This is open for early entry and if you are one of the first people in the park and a credit-hoe like me, I would HIGHLY recommend this as your first stop as soon as the gates open, before walking to Oblivion or Nemesis and before the kids find it lol.


4. Several rides do not open until 10:30AM including Thirteen and Rita. Thirteen has single rider (short), as does Oblivion (no waiting at all) and Smiler (single rider about 1/3 to 1/2 regular queue). Spinball Whizzer Regular was posted at 40 minutes, I waited about 25 in single rider for my lone ride.


5. Runaway Mine Train, and Galactica would all therefore be the most likely fast tracks. Their queues are long and slow.


6. The gardens are down in a valley and a very large area. The Skyride is faster than walking even with the queues because of the distance and up/down elevation. I trekked from Nemesis to Thirteen after Early Entry and it was taxing. Then finding out those rides don't even open until 1030.


7. The Burger Kitchen near Cloud Cuckoo land was heaven sent for me after all the walking. The menu is standard fast food but the queue was short and the meal deals are reasonable at about 8 pounds with drink. The other food in the park was not that impressive anyway, unless you go for the Rollercoaster Restaurant sit down experience near Galactica/Nemesis.


Have fun and good luck!

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Back at the SW8 site, we've two rather intriguing updates in regards to the track and the theming element.


Meanwhile the slightly lower profile project taking place in the gardens seems to be at a very advanced stage. The architects responsible for the restoration of the Grade II listed Grand Conservatory posted a photo on their Instagram showing a glimpse of the work that has taken place. I realise this is not an attraction that will ramp up visitor numbers or too much interest on social media but I have a real soft spot for the gardens and feel they're rather underappreciated.


While today saw the installation of bents at the centre of the site with some rather hefty banking. Work on the roof of the pre-show building has also begun in the background

Source: Theme Park Worldwide


Yesterday saw a crane lifting some more elements of the main theming structure into place, whilst also giving a glimpse of the top of whatever the heck it is.

Source: TowersTimes


Its come quite a way in a very short period of time. Hard to believe it's last restoration work was a 20 years ago.

Source: CTD Architects on Instagram.

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NEW FOR SCAREFEST 2017 - The Welcoming: Be Chosen


A mysterious group who worship the woods and the animals that live therein like Gods have been disturbed. Every year they host a festival to celebrate their own interpretation of Halloween - the crossing of the worlds of the living and the dead. For the first time they have allowed outsiders to celebrate with them.

But what part will you (‘the outsiders’) play in this ritual? Is this really an initiation?.....


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It has been a busy week all things SW8. Firstly Alton Towers released the first episode in a series of videos about their Secret Weapon programme. In this first video, they explain the history of the Secret Weapon attractions and promise a first look behind the scenes at construction of SW8 in the next instalment of the series.



The 'runes' and 'Be Chosen' theme continues throughout (note the author of the book that falls) and there are a few nice nods to other rides in there too. The choice of production and the hosts (apparently at least one of them is a YouTuber) does make me realise that I'm no longer in the target audience for these things and feel rather old


Eagle-eyed people noticed that the wording of the maze description had also been slightly changed:

The woods surrounding the village of Alton harbor a mysterious group, which until recent sightings were unseen by the modern world. Whispers around the village say that the group are angered by people abusing the world’s natural resources and the rapid advance of technology. Every year the secluded group host a festival to celebrate their own interpretation of Halloween – paying homage to the earth and celebrating the crossover between the living world and the dead. The group have recently infiltrated the Alton Towers Resort and for the first time are allowing outsiders to celebrate with them. But what part will you (‘the outsiders’) play in this ritual? Is this really an initiation?


Then the viewing windows around the construction fence were updated to match the website, runes were scratched around them (again 'Be Chosen') and the video began playing on the screens that had been fitted.


Inside the construction fence, work has begun on the yet to be placed concrete foundations as well as on the queue-line, whilst bents continue to be put into place across the site.


Finally today it emerged that an European Trademark application covering categories including those associated with theme park attractions has been filed for the name 'WICKER MAN', along with an associated logo. Obviously the rumours have been doing the rounds as long as we've known about SW8 and it certainly matches the look of recent graphics associated with the ride or at the very least the Scarefest maze.


The queue-line begins to be put into place

Source: Theme Park Worldwide


The video now playing on the screens, with 'Be Chosen' in the runes scratched/burned alongside them.

Source: Theme Park Worldwide


The logo that has been submitted as part of the European Trademark application. While I'm not jumping for joy at the name, I have to admit that the logo is pretty damn great.

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I swear Alton Towers is the BEST park when it comes to teasing roller coasters.


I can't wait for the details for this new attraction. At some point my partner and I will make a trip over seas to this park. . . And then we will finally get to experience all the SW's!!

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Slight tangent, I had a weirdo dream last night where Air had a pretzel loop and the operator neglected to lock the ankle restraints. Not sure how that came about.

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My observation, but after seeing this logo, I am betting that the "structure" that the coaster goes around

and (apparently) through, is a Wicker Man statue. Maybe?


It goes through it 3 times, 2 times between the legs and somehow through the body of head!

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A couple of weeks ago saw the closure of the Courtyard Tavern in Mutiny Bay.


In the long term, it is set to get an overhaul and re-open as a smokehouse, probably similar to the one that opened at sister park Chessington World of Adventures last year. In the short term it is home to 'The Welcoming', the newest maze to the Scarefest line-up and tie-in to Secret Weapon 8.


As with SW8, the Skyride gives some rather good views of construction.



The eagled eyed can just about make out what appear to be either candles of dream catchers in the shape of the runes for 'SW8' on the stage in the corner.

Source: Theme Park Guide


Back at the SW8 site, work continues...


A snapshot of the four elements that are the centre of attention at the moment.

Source: Towers Street


Source: Towers Street


Source: Towers Street

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What if SW8 is a Game of Thrones themed coaster, with trains styled as dragons & real fire and ice elements throughout the ride (possibly the large person-like structure is indeed on fire in some way?). Perhaps the launch element is part of a ride narrative about escaping the army of the dead?


Alton Towers could even be working with their old friends at Tussauds to create waxworks of some of the main characters, which would feature in various themed rooms that you pass through in the queue section. The March 2018 opening would of course tie in with the final season arriving in the summer and would be a massive PR fest for the park.


If this were true then AT could be going with the Wicker Man-esque theming as an elaborate ruse to keep the project a secret, as anything remotely GoT-related would be instantly recognisable...


I could have just dreamt all of this up with zero evidence, of course

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The Skyride is closed today due to work on Secret Weapon 8's construction. Mostly notably additions to the main themeing structure that have been put in place and since covered up again.


Source: Towers Street


Feel like David Rose's 'The Stripper' should be playing here.

Source: Towers Street


Source: Towers Street


Source: Joshua Eaton

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The park is closed today as per Merlin's cost-cutting exercise of just not bothering to open on the quietest of quiet days now the schools are back open. The latest

has been uploaded, filmed yesterday, with a few shots of interest.


There is a rumour that the park had the themeing brought onto the site and assembled on Monday-Tuesday, rather than waiting for today when the park will be empty, because they're filming some sort of promotional material today that will use it in some capacity.


A shot at the current highest point of the structure, with the workmen giving a sense of the size of it.


Cue David Rose's 'Stripper' again.


A view of the top from the other side of the construction site. There does seem to be something resembling piping towards the centre there.


A close up of one of the horns on what seems to be the head of this structure.


Work continues on the few remaining bents to go into place. In the background work is being done on the concrete wall, so hopefully we're not looking at another concrete pit like SW7 has.


Back over towards the station, the pre-show building continues to take shape with the first stage of the roof and walls seemingly in place.

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