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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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So anyways, REALLY want to hit the Towers now. Its been baiting me ever since the age of Nemesis, but this...THIS.....Theres just no words to describe Smiler's epicness. Even the line's interaction has me baffled.


Any tips for someone coming from the states to plan a trip? I still have my passport from when I went to Israel a few years ago.

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^^^ I'm flying over from nearby Germany this September, will most likely book flight and hotel next week.


Luckily we've from Hamburg direct service to Birmingham Airport which has its own long-range train-station. From there taking CrossCountry train (once an hour) direct to Stoke-On-Trent residing there at North Stafford Hotel. While not on-resort the hotel is near the trainstation which has service to Tamworth to visit Drayton Manor or Manchaster on a rainy day. Next to that in the city you'll likely have shops and restaurants nearby. From Stoke there's a daily bus service to Alton operated by the park itself and multiple more by FirstTransport

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I believe that they do all stop because *I BELIEVE* that they are not typical lift chains, but operate like the lift hills on Intamin Zac-Spins where there is NOT a dog/pawl on the train that engages the lift. But rather there is a mechanism on the chain that pushes the train up the lift from behind. If you watch the videos of the chains on the lifts, you see that they slowly jog until it detects that the mechanism is actually engaging the train, then it speeds up.


I *BELIEVE* this is the case with Gertslauer lifts. I'm almost POSITIVE that the Zac-Spin lifts work this way. I'd bet a certain amount of money on it.



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In my own humble opinion, it appears to me (having ridden a good number of these coasters around the world), they all seem to go through this system of a pause, then a slight push forward to the lift hill and then they connect and the lifting starts.


I think that if the car itself just hit the lift hill on it's current speed, than being slowed down for the lift, this would add imeasureable ongoing stress to both the (what I call) "hook" on the car and the chain of the lift itself.


Slowing it down to a stop, then loading it onto the lift seems a better use of energy and stress on the entire system. IMhO.

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Having seen one IRL, I can say for sure that they do work with a hook on the chain lift used to pull the car to the top. The car stops at the base, the chain engages the hook, then it goes up at full speed. Confirmation of this can be found here. And here is a photo of one:

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