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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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We've already saw it on the offirde video but the entrance is on site:

Towers Times forum

I do think it doesn't fit the rest, If they did the same shape but with the colors and pipes from the station I would have found it a lot better. I know Alton Towers just have these sorts of entrance signs but I think Oblivion, Air, Th13teen and Nemesis are much more in theme then this.

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Looks like tons of speed throughout. It may not be as smooth as it could have been, but I'm sure that it's going to be one of the best 2013 coasters; maybe even the best.

Those two airtime hills look like they took her by surprise.

Looking forward to a proper POV soon.

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^^Honestly, those kinds of videos make me a little sick. It doesn't show enough of the actual ride to give us an idea of how the ride runs.

I really prefer the way Robb does it, which is why I can't wait for the next TPR trip through England.

Not showing enough of the actual ride is the whole point of building hype. If you show a full on-ride front-seat video before a ride like Smiler - which is heavily themed and has elements indoors - opens, it ruins the experience. Part of the fun of sitting down in the seat and plunging into darkness is not knowing what's ahead of you.


Would you want a dramatic part of your favorite television program to be spoiled right before your eyes days before it airs?

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Honestly....I`m NOT impressed. Loop after loop after loop. MANY small ones. I would definitively prefer fewer lops, but a bigger variety of elements.


And to me it looks shaky in parts.


I think this is a fun coaster....yes...but I don`t see this ranking high in the polls.



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^Yeah they didn't break enough broken records or provide a unique enough back story with the ride either. I expected a longer dark ride portion with a rotating tunnel piece and enough strobes and laser to make an ordinary person epileptic They really needed more elements you know?



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Second train is lowered in.


Towerstimes forum.

Also they're making a path towards the Marmaliser.


Towerstimes forum.


Who knows perhaps 2 train testing soon?


Update: Train number 3 is on in the air:


Towerstimes facebook.

Wonder how many are still to come. There is room for 5 trains (4 in the maintenance shed 1 outside), So are we going to see 5 or 4 trains.

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This is exactly the ride that Alton Towers need. Not something that relies on cheap gimmicks, not something that is so world-first that it's the least they could have got away with - something that is out-and-out thrilling, a good length and something that the UK audience will lap up.


It may not be a smooth B&M or Mack and nor may it have the grace of some other rides, but pound for pound, I think it's going to be a great addition to the park. The theming is also crazy, totally unique - and I cannot wait to ride next week.


The airtime hills looks awesome!


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