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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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^ Kind of makes me wonder if the on-ride photo can warp the riders faces at the end to look like the promotional picture.

I had that same thought! Wouldnt that be awesome if that could happen?


Well cell phones these days have the technology to pick up facial features such as eyes, mouth, etc. I'm sure the technology is there for them to do something like this.


I wouldn't be surprised to see it as an 'option' to have your face warped into Smile in the picture booth after the ride. With a small charge of course.

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Or noodles (Does this one not work anymore?), or fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo

In fairness, Smiler's restraints do look like large noodles.

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I just sent this to alton towers and the sun newspaper.


Anyone else in the same vote?????


Hi there


I recently took advantage of the Sun Alton Towers Ticket offer and selected the date range that Smiler would be open band C onwards (see below) i was sent 4 x My tickets are for the 21st May.


I have today noticed that Alton Towers have announced the smiler opening on the 23rd May


I only collected the 2 sets of tokens (seperate addresses) so i could ride the brand new roller coaster, and you state that band C would cover 18th May - 7th June 2013.


Where do i stand with this as i definately see some kingd of error or miss print which was out of control?






*Please note that The Smiler ride opens in May. Some of our tickets

will be allocated on dates before its launch (date bands A & B).



Date Range


01 Apr – 21 Apr 2013


22 Apr – 17 May 2013



18 May – 07 Jun 2013


08 Jun – 28 Jun 2013


29 Jun – 17 Jul 2013


18 Jul – 08 Aug 2013


09 Aug – 31 Aug 2013


01 Sep – 21 Sep 2013


22 Sep – 12 Oct 2013


13 Oct – 07 Nov 2013



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I'm curious as to why they are using those type of dummies rather than the water filled ones we usually see

With all the inversions maybe the water will come out the top, That happens on Fahrenheit and this has double the inversions

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The fins on both of the lifts are an alternative to the standard anti rollbacks that other coasters have. The Smiler is built in an area of the park in which is has had past issues with excessive noise. Hence the reason for the "Don't Look Down" sound effect removal and the covering of Oblivion's anti rollback ratchets with a slight rubber cover to reduce noise.


I'm sure at the design stage of the ride, Alton will have notified Guerstlauer of this and they will have come up with the solution of using a magnetic anti rollback system which in turn keeps any noise to a minimum.


Simple as that.

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