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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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^ Look closely and you see 2 more.


That picture is by far the most beautiful picture I've seen from the coaster, just twisted steel to the extreme. Thanks for sharing.


Just found this on Towerstimes facebook. It seems the served support is now fixed. So it seems the ride is done and could go over to testing anytime now.


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Really interesting story. Wonder how it folds out considering that the woman in the early video (within the sanctuary) looks a lot like Trisha I think I know where where they going at there. Good marketing.

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I absolutely love all the theme and marketing that is occurring now. It's brilliantly done and you have to applaud Alton. It's 1000 times better than the overal theme and marketing of 13. I'm really glad they decided to go for a theme that is entirely different from what they have done in the past It's different and unique, just as it should be.


I really hope the ride actually rides well as my last few rides on Saw were not terribly great.


I may be at Alton on Monday so will practice my photography skills and will post some pics when I get back

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also note the reference to submission, also in the x-sector, wonder if it'll get a lick of black and yellow paint


It's just bringing the rest of X-Sector into the Ministry of Joy storyline.


Oblivion - Obviously the Don't Look Down and the tilted chair as well as looking at the Smiley face that has now been put on top of the Rehydrator.

Submission - As you stated it's referred to in the video

Enterprise - Unless there is going to be a more direct reference in later videos, the section with him walking around the MOJ spiral is probably an Enterprise nod.

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Today the whole day there stood a train on standby on the transfer track. Who knows Perhaps some testing tonight or tomorrow.


towesstreet facebook.

Also Towerstimes said that Alton Towers would announce the openings day this week which is good news, I'm ready to hear it.

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