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Alton Towers Discussion Thread

p. 235: Nemesis Reborn announced for Spring 2024!

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1) That shed is very big for such short trains. Interesting.

You can see a small piece of track (as long as the transfer-track) next to the track. Let's say that's the length of 1 train. Seeing that the maintenance shed is twice as long and wide as that piece it seems like there is room for 4 trains inside. Perhaps this is a clue to the number of trains, It looks like they can storage 5 trains at once perhaps there will be 5 trains.

Sound possible:

Train 1 and 2 on the ride it self.

train 3 uploading.

train 4 unloading.

train 5 within brake section (or possible reserve for busy days or broken train.)


About the space between the indoor heartline and Lift. I can think of numerous things. But looking at the picture it looks like quite a bit of height difference, making a guess by looking at the picture it is around 6 meter (19,7 feet), what will make a speed that needs to be taken care of for the first lift. Do I believe it needs to be that long? No, Yet I know from early pictures that there won't be a trick track so who knows.

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towerstimes FB;



One piece left. Looks brilliant.....and......TWISTY.



It seriously looks like someone got a tangled Slinky and threw it on the ground and took a picture of it and said, "there's our new ride!"


Those crazy hypnotic looking signs are giving me a headache just as a picture. I can't imagine being on that ride and seeing them. It makes me think that the extra long building will be a 'washer' for all the vomit they will have to regularly clean up.

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I found a testing video. Not of the coaster it self of coarse but from the Marmaliser screens:


I think its a very odd projection but hey It's a odd ride so comes together.


Awesome. Those projections certainly do point towards said secret element? It shows the cars rotating, has a rotating symbol and 'The Disorientator'. ? Pretty intriguing.

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I'm going to guess that the "Disorientator" could be either of the following:


- The track itself with the trains. (Inversions causing the level of disorientation!)




- The middle part of the Marmaliser with the screens on. (If each leg is a part then why can't the middle bit be too?)


I still stand by my thought of there being so secret element. I could be wrong but we'll all soon see so feel free to flame me then!

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^ Looks like one problem is fixed. First the top and bottom half where swamped that's fixed now. Really good that they show the meaning after the 5 legs for the GP.


If you look at this video You see the Disorientator has some strobes in it. Within the game when you go upside down inside you have a strobe flashing. So perhaps the Disorientator is the inside inversion.

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^Maybe dying pixels might add to the theme later on when dirt and paint chipping might attack?


I've had a love of coasters that go all-out nuts in terms of insane layouts, and to name a few off the top of my head: Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge, Flight of Fear, i305 (those wicked transitions), and Montu. I'm now starting to realize that this was probably what this coaster was built for, and will probably successfully top all of the before mentioned ones. Heck, this might be the first to get me actually sick (if I ever get to ride it).


In short, what a mess of track that is!

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I found this article on TowersTimes:



It shows some of the wrong supports. I mean they say it's normal, but Is it? I never heard before of a cut in a support.


Anyways it also says that testing starts next within 2 days, I really hope thats true because I can't wait for the pictures and videos of the train flying through the lay-out.

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I really hope it doesn't spray you with water. I'm kind of getting annoyed by all these coaster water spraying gimmicks. I really don't feel that it adds anything and moreso it's just annoying.


Jinxed it.


I really hope it doesn't hit the cars and just sprays before and after they pass. Doubt it though.



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I thought the same thing. More like a strong air air/mist curtain added to, in a sense, "throw you off" a little more during the ride. A way of blinding you slightly before coming into that airtime-induced drop.

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^^ & ^^^ You could both be right. It look like water to me and I watched it several times and still am not 100% sure. It could be a haze or mist shoot out with a lot of air. But to me it looked like a spray of water because it you could see it got caught in the wind and I saw the same effect as with a fountain.

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