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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

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Sad story.  Obviously Schwarzkopf trains seem to have issues after time.  Mindbender at WEM, the one in Mexico that they are rebuilding at IB, and now this one all had wheel assembly failure.  I wonder if this accident will make parks that own Schwarzkopf coasters put their coasters or trains out of service.  Reportedly the Mindbenbder at WEM at many tiny cracks all over the tracks.  I guess they probably think now that they made the good decision of retiring it for good.  Indiana Beach must be wondering what to do now. I think the best option is to have new trains built by an other manufacturer.

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2023-09-17 I attended my work on the yearly family day @ Gröna Lund. The weather was sunny for a day in the middle of September.

I arrived ~20 minutes before the stated opening time and the entrance was already open and the attraction was running, so in under 30 minutes ALL open roller-coasters was crossed of, some more then once :)

JetLine (still no accident report released yet) and Twister was closed..




No cue :) :) 



Almost empty station :) :) 









Some preparation for the Halloween season or someone has docked a old floating Chines restaurant in much need of restoration on the waterfront of Gröna Lund???




You could test some programming tasks and a VR-assembly tour of the products my company produces.








Not a lot of space left in the park...



The strap is still there, alas a bit more sun bleached...






So after a couple of hours in the park I left for some sightseeing of the rest of Stockholm.

/// Marcus

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  • 4 months later...

Today delivered the "Statens Haverikommission" the final repport of their investigation about the Jet Line accident: https://shk.se/sok-utredningar/ovriga-handelser/2023-06-27-mycket-allvarlig-olycka-med-akattraktionen-jetline-pa-grona-lund-i-stockholm (in Swedish)


"The fracture of the support arm occurred as a result of too low strength due to defects in welding joints and that an essential part inside the pipe construction was missing. The support arm was one of five that were ordered and manufactured in 2019. The investigation shows that when the support arms were ordered, there were insufficient demands on how they were to be manufactured and on the manufacturing process. Nor were sufficient checks made on the design during manufacture and before the support arms were put into use. The safety work carried out at Gröna Lund did not provide a reassuring safety against accidents on the roller coaster"

/// Marcus

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5 hours ago, lond said:

"an essential part inside the pipe construction was missing."

insufficient demands on how they were to be manufactured and on the manufacturing process"

Wow. So the contractor didn't build to spec (and QC didn't verify) or the spec was wrong?

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Wow. Amazing that it held together more than 35 years of operation! 😮 And for my two visits there with TPR. (2009, 2014)

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Not my place to second-guess the decision, but I really like Jetline and will definitely miss it. 

I imagine that the space (small as it is) and maybe even the station will be reused at some point for another coaster.


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