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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

p. 41 - new expansion opening in 2024!

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I took a couple of shots of the park, when I returned to it after a few minutes' break at our hotel.

These views are sure going to look different once that new coaster is in place.


Along with the new drop tower, of course.


TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.


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Icaros construction pictures posted on Gröna Lund's Facebook


The big crane arrives on a barge as it's too heavy for the bridge connecting to the island of Djurgården.



A golden sun will decorate the top of the Icaros tower.



Sun rays...



Which will rotate with the help of this engine weighting 11 metric tonnes.



The first part of the tower arrives.



As well as a big cog as a part of the lifting mechanism.

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...Because Gröna Lund doesn't already feel cramped enough as is.


Yes! It's becoming the Spaghetti Bowl* of Theme Parks!





*Everything over and under and around each other?

And that's an AWESOME thing, too! (o:


This will actually beat Blackpool, IMhO, as far as having overlapping

rides and attractions is concerned. And BPB has way more space, too.

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People on a Cedar Point centered forum are still going on about how CP is running out of space, completely oblivious to what is happening in Sweden. Way to knock it out of the park GL!!! Oh yeah, and SFGAmerica with Goliath, "we did what we could with the space/the ride is short due to the space it's in." Could you imagine what Gröna Lund would have done with that design!?

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Gröna Lund really feels like a dream. You remember Pinocchio, and when they go to Pleasure Island? Well, we came to the park by boat, and it's exactly what it feels like. It's charming and all over the top! There are improbable rides everywhere, it moves wherever you look, rides duel with each others, etc.

And when the night comes, the center plaza become a concert spot. The day we went there, it was Dada Life, so some sort of EDM. The ambiance was crazy... and many rides where still open! It's quite something to do a stand-up tilt freefall above a concert pit, haha!

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People on a Cedar Point centered forum are still going on about how CP is running out of space, completely oblivious to what is happening in Sweden.


Yeah but now we all know what happened in Sweden last night! Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden.

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Wow, this is pretty nuts!


I remember reading that this spot was one of the places they looked at when trying to make Vilda Musen fit in the park. But they didn't feel it gave enough possibilities with the layout, so they decided to build it inside of Jetline instead (completely logical decision..). Now they are making a, for Gröna lund at least, large B&M invert fit in the same area! They are really playing this safe though, making sure all the legal documents are in place before the big announcement. The construction of the ride will be very complex as well, with a building time of 1½ years. We are probably looking at a, for the size, very expensive coaster here.


If all goes according to plan they will open the new area just about a year after the coaster. The bumper cars and biergarten will probably move to the new area then.

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We are probably looking at a, for the size, very expensive coaster here.


Doesn't really matter in the end though since it will pull even more people into the park, I can't even imagine how much profit this park must make considering how much the tickets cost and how packed it is at all times, especially when there's a brand new ride.

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They're being extra, extra careful about this, the coaster hasn't even been formally ordered yet until they get all the permits in place!


There's also going to be a restaurant under the lift, looking out over the water

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It will be interesting to see how many trees and games they have to take out for this. I have faith in Grona Lund though to make it work and keep the nice feel of the park.


From what I see of the model, the lift hill goes over that open area with picnic tables and benches,

with a bar and (we had) pizza on our evening visit to GL, having arrived earlier that afternoon.



And it was raining.


Where we ended the evening in Grona Lund. TPR 2014 Scandi Tour.


Yes, we enjoyed our beer and pizza that night.


On the other side of the bar, near the park entrance. Some people started early at the bar. Pardon the fuzziness. (o;

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^^ What is happening with Jet Line and Vilda Musen? There's a big tarp and scaffolding right on those coasters.


^ Sadly we didn't get to ride it (it was already closed at the time we finally decided to give it a try), but some people in our group took the tour and liked it pretty much.

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