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Gröna Lund Discussion Thread

p. 41 - new expansion opening in 2024!

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^ Actually, I like that idea better than the ferris wheel!


But the new attraction's to be in the park itself, so we'll just have to wait.


Actually, a version of THIS flat would be cool on a small dock, too!

And this spins sideways, too! The entire ride cycle would be perfect over water.


Then again, one of these would be nice on a dock, too. (o;

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So.. they just posted a new video on their FB.. seems like we'll get a Falcon's fury like thingy in europe now


If that is true, I am sure this will be a big hit for the park! I knew these kind of drop towers were going to pop up somewhere else, great to see!

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So this will make it four tower rides for Gröna Lund then:


- 80 meter Intamin 2nd gen drop tower (with one standup/tilt car)

- 55 meter S&S Combo tower

- 121 meter Starflyer

- 95 meter Falcon Fury style drop tower


And all crammed together in one little park. You just gotta love what Gröna Lund is doing!

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Don't know how accurate the video is, but it looks to me to go higher than the Star Flyer.


95 meters is what Gröna Lund posted in their "April fools" post on Facebook (which turned out to not be April fools)




I don't know the details about the Star Flyer, but I'm guessing that maybe the listed height of 121 meters also includes the spire on top, and that the ride portion of the tower is not that tall...??

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Experience the worst fall in history! In 2017 Ikaros is coming to Gröna Lund!


Imagine sitting in a chair, dangling with your feet high above the city of Stockholm, secured by a shoulder restraint. As you're approching the top of the tower, your chair is suddenly tilting you 90 degrees, and you find yourself lying horisontally facing the ground. Then comes the drop...


When Gröna Lund opens in april 2017, the visitors will be divided into those who dare and whose who don't...do you dare to try the worst fall in history?



Some facts:

2 gondolas with 8 seats each

Tower height: 95m

Top Speed: 90km/h

G-forces: 3,5

Type: Intamin Sky Jump

Will be built on a bridge between Lustiga Huset and Jetline

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Because this park didn't have enough tower rides LOL! (picture from TPR park index)



But yeah, definitely an awesome addition that will make a fantastic park even better!


So happy to see another one of these built and especially somewhere awesome like Grona Lund! Amazing. Should just go for Swedish residency now.


Hmmmm that might not be a bad idea....

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