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Coaster Tattoo

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My vote would be do something that is not a photo or real coaster, but something that evokes the passion you have for all coasters. Something drawn to represent the idea behind this hobby, and not just some poorly done marketing you'll regret later...


I mean, now if you lost your virginity or something on that level on a specific coaster, then by all means, get that where it counts... I just think that 40 years down the road when Loch Ness Monster or TTD are long gone after-thoughts and scrap metal... something basic/simple/artistic of a coaster enthusiast will hold more value and relevance than that 'relic' or logo of something no one will recognize.


While I can get behind this somewhat, my tattoos are for me, and as long as a coaster has a personal significance for me, I don't feel it would date itself. It's kind of like how people enjoy classic cars, no one would expect them to maintain industry standards now, but they're still a cool piece of history.


This is why something like Top Thrill would fall outside of my area of interest, its type of ride has yet to prove itself as a classic in design. I think history will view Top Thrill as a very unique ride, certainly with its charms, but as a footnote, not a revolution. Loch Ness on the other hand, is a proven classic with very interesting lines.

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Another coaster tatt idea I had around six years ago was to get all my milestone creds ttattoed, like a list, problem was (and I use these as examples as my count is around 52), you get names like Nemesis, Colossos (Heide), Bizarro (SFNE), and then say for number 200, there a Wacky Worm, Miner Mike, or Dragon Wagon...wouldn't be too impressive then, eh?

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A permanent tattoo? Now that's dedication!

Wouldn't it be simpler and cheaper to use a permanent marker? It'll come off in the shower too!


The real real thing will be pretty cheap, at least from where I sit, and I'd rather have a permanent version than a sticker. I agree, tastes will change, I just want to get a tattoo that celebrates the modern era of coaster riding.

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What about the outline of a coaster as an armband? One of the ride operator co-workers at Playland has it. That way it's something more generic rather than a particular coaster or manufacturer.


As for trying it out, maybe you should try getting a henna or jagua (the juice of a fruit from South America) version of it (which you can do yourself for cheaper than at a theme park). That way you can see how it looks before deciding to commit.

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