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Chadster goes to Frontier City: PTR

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Got bored and had a need to ride a coaster or two. I hadn't been to Frontier city since 2000 when Six Flags still owned it. Being a club member I noted the 16.99 discount (basically kids admission price) and decided it was worth the turnpike fee and gas for a short trip. Being fathers day (6.20.10), and factoring in that it was hot as he!!, the park was very dead, maybe 100 cars in the lot, good for me, bad for the park. So, here is my adventure to a small family amusement park, no big thrill rides here, (B&M, Intamin, S&S) but a good park for family.


**Edit, I'm an idiot, I didn't read the benefit's thread, only the join page benefits page, I should've read the thread, could've got said discount through link on thread, note to all, read the thread**


It's so hot the devil couldn't stand it, so I packed my ice chest, I really should peel that factory sticker off, but why, it gives it character, never mind that stuff in the background......


uggghhh, turnpike...5 bucks each way please


time to pony up, you can't see him, but there is a hi-po on "seat belt enforcement" duty ahead on the left, yes, there are signs telling you that a seat belt enforcement unit is ahead


and we have arrived, 8.00 to park please, it was funny, the lady taking money was getting rained on by the A/C in the booth, at least I thought it was funny


diamond back


first sign of a small park? a small ticket office, and they wouldn't take my Club TPR card for the advertised discount because as noted above I was an idiot and didn't read the thread and had to get it online. Luckily, I had a coupon, will post a link to it at the end.


the entrance to diamond back is from the central giftshop, which you also have to go through to get inside the park or exit the park, smart I think, get 'em coming and going, lol


this ride was supposedly park of another coaster that was taken apart, when they brought it here, it something went amiss and they made it into this. That's the legend anyway


off we go...see the winch up on the left, that's needed when the train won't come back like it's supposed to....


natural spring


time for a pirate ship


pirate ship control panel


pirate ship warning, noted.


hmmm, verkoma death machine??


nope, it's a nice family coaster, really, it's smooth, not jerky, well done.


short lift hill


i like the harness on this one


on to silver bullet, down for a bit of maintenance


coming back from testing


look close, push mechanism coming


push mechanism


locked and ready




wildcat, steel frame, wood track, control panel


lift hill


the fountains at the end of the ride were working




station, empty. One train, used to have two, at the top of the dip is a break run, it then goes down a hill to another break section before coming to load/unload. Silve bullet at one time had two trains, that was a loooonnggg time ago.




this was a great interactive shooting ride, ride a dark ride car throughout and shoot stuff, one of the guns in my car didn't work, fortunately, by msyelf, I had a spare.




hmmmmm, found this by wildcat, only one I saw, but there could be more, don't even know if it exists or not...


log flume, long line, only three logs that I saw were running....


but i think i found out why


they've turned them into planters




geez, more planters


look, a log, on the flume ride, they do exist!


the line was at least 30 minutes, now we know why....


mini train tracks


big wheel


traffic jam on the turnpike


games and stuff, closed.




did i mention the park was dead, it was also clean


hmmm, sun, check, no wind, check, no clouds, check, hot, check, not worky, check


found some guys doing lanscaping around erruption, it's a no charge ride at this park, it's also an out of order ride.


the erruption chamber


yep, I'll continue in a second

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for a coupon, here is the link www.travelok.com/printable-coupons


ok, so I am coming to the end, a total of 4 rides closed. Hangman, Erruption, the enterprise wheel, and the tilt a whirl (name may not be accurate)


good to know


former go carts building


rapids ride


old go cart track


closed due to tree maintenance


place to hide your go cart


time to go, it's hot and I've rode everything in the park that was open in 2 hours, so a shot of diamond back from the parking lot




old go cart track from back of park




in case you ever wondered what Sonic HQ looked like, here it is in bricktown (DT OKC)

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Ok, so to wrap it up, small park, not many thrill rides, a few rides closed, owned by PARC. Price to get in without coupon, 36.99 +8.00 to park. Price to get in with coupon 20.00, total cost, less than 30.00 with parking which is about the correct price point for this park, I doubt i would pay 36.99 to get in, 25 or 29, yes. The staff who actually talked were nice, most of the ride ops didn't talk. The park had automated messages for each ride. Food selection was somewhat thin today, pizza, nachos, hot dogs, beer, and pepsi. Season cup, 8.99, refills 1.50. Great for families or nostalgia purposes.


Overall, I would give the park about a 7/10.

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The park is looking pretty good. Believe it or not, the place is a world away from where it was just a few years ago. It's too bad several of the better rides were closed for you though, the current management is usually better than that. They've really done a ton of work fixing up the place, I just hope next season they put something new in to put the park back in the spotlight.


Thanks for sharing

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^I agree, the park does look good, but have no comparrison other than 10 years ago and it was showing it's age then. I also agree they are in desperate need of a new main attraction. (maybe if Freestylee goes to auction they could show up and grab something at a decent price) Back in the day the silver bullet was all the rave, and it's still just as fun today. Wildcat rode very nice, and even though steel laso is classified as a family coaster, I was impressed. One issue they have is space, although they could tear out a few things out by the old go carts and put in a nice screaming swing, or spinning coaster, or maybe even a hyper if they got ride of diamond back. A huss frisbee would also fit in nicely since they got rid of the swings for the laso. After seeing a PTR on Elitch Garden, I can tell PARC is pumping money into their parks, it's just going to take time to get them back up to standards and get some fresh rides in place. Although it was hot and it was father's day, I just can't get over how few people were in the park, I hope that's not normal.

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.... Great TR, does Diamondback hurt at all?


No, it's pretty tame with some surprising air time, no shoulder rash or head banging if that's what you are referring to


Random question, but do the gondolas of Big Wheel of monkey bars on the outside? Like are there bars circling the cabin, except at the doors?


wow! that is random, honestly I don't quite remember for certain as I usually don't pay much attention, but I believe the answer is yes at the top of the cabin, but not on the inside or along the doors, although I could be wrong. It's been a staple in the park for quite sometime, been there as long as I can remember.

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