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Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) - 2012

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Details for the VIP tour have been put on the website as well:





Enter the exclusive VIP Vampire Blood Lounge where only the bravest mortals will be able to stomach the unspeakable horror within.


The Vampire Blood Lounge VIP Experience includes:


Unlimited Front of the Line privileges for all mazes, shows and attractions

Exclusive access to the Vampire Blood Lounge throughout the evening

Two drinks* (beer or wine) or unlimited soft drinks

Severed "Finger" Foods

Guided tour of the Universal Backlot – includes areas not open to general public

Valet Parking



$170 or $190 depending on which night you choose. The tour is completely different than the normal VIP tour, as you go to different areas and the tour guides tell ghost stories. IIRC, you get to see stage 28 (phantom of the opera stage) & 6 points Texas.

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Universal Studios Hollywood has sent us a great set of concept pieces for La Llorona and the Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare mazes!


As you may know, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood is only a couple weeks away! This year, the spooktacular event has more mazes than ever – created by the sickest minds in horror.


In support of these mazes, we have some unique renderings from the development of some of these mazes that you can share with your readers.


La Llorona – According to legend, La Llorona is a woman doomed to wander the Earth forever consumed with the guilt of drowning her children and then herself. This spine-chilling maze takes you through the remains of a haunted Mexican village – and beware, for those who hear the screams of La Llorona are marked for death!


Alice Cooper: Welcome to My Nightmare – This outrageous new maze will take guests through the twisted mind of shock rock legend, Alice Cooper. From razor-sharp guillotines to electric chairs where you can still smell the burning flesh of its victims, this new addition to Halloween Horror Nights is sure to shock you!










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Theme Park Review was once again invited to the opening night of Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights. This years event featured 6 mazes, 5 scare zones, the Terror Tram on the USH Backlot, and Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure. USH always puts on a great event, and this year is no different. The crowds were just as big as last year's opening night, though the maze wait times seemed to be a bit shorter than last year. This is most likely due to the change in the Gate A policy. Instead of being allowed an unlimited amount of entrances into each maze like previous years, you are allowed to experience each maze only once with the Gate A privilege. It is believed that the unlimited trips by all guests with the Gate A passes through the mazes had a large impact on the wait of the normal line. That being said, if this is the compromise that USH has determined to be the most effective way to satisfy guests in both categories, it is fine by me! With the Gate A pass, you are guaranteed to see all the mazes, scare zones, Terror Tram, and have time to see Bill & Ted's at least twice. You are paying for the insurance of seeing everything the event has to offer. It is still worth every penny if you can splurge for it.


My personal maze ranking is as follows:

1. Eli Roth's Hostel - Hunting Season

2. Wolfman - The Curse of Talbot Hall

3. La Llorona - Villa de Almas Perdidias

4. The Thing - Assimilation

5. Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses

6. Alice Cooper's Welcome to my Nightmare


Hostel took the place of Saw from the last few years. This was an easy way to adapt the similarities of the torture scenes from previous years. Based on the guest reaction to this maze, I believe it was certainly the guest favorite.


Although Wolfman resides in the year-round House of Horrors attraction, I was shocked at how well the HHN overlay has helped to breath fresh air into this seemingly dull maze. The difference was clearly the costumes. The Wolfman and a few other creature costumes were so detailed that it made several guests do double-takes at the creatures.


La Llorona, situated by Shrek 3-D, is arguably the most beautifully detailed maze at USH HNN yet. The theming is so well done and rooms have seamless transitions. The talent uses the space very effectively, mainly because the maze was designed for different types of scares than you would normally expect to see at HHN.


The Thing was nice; not anything special. Not much to say other than at least it was another maze to have in their arsenal.


House of 1000 Corpses seemed to be an exact copy of last year. This 3-D maze is unique, however, the sheer randomness of the scenes and theming leaves you asking "Why was....never mind...". But again, at least it is a maze.


The Alice Cooper maze was the disappointment of the night. As I right this, I can't remember much other than the interesting facade that the many stilt walkers in the maze.


That being said, (and a bit more critical than in year's past), the range of mazes is great for this event. There is something for everyone! The Terror Tram takes you through the same sets as years past with the exception of the outdoor sheet maze being outside the Bates Motel instead of by the Psyco house on the hill. This year's theme was having the guests be part of 4 different horror films currently filming on the Backlot. I personally enjoyed last years theme with Chuck a bit more.


Lastly, Bill and Ted's is still trying to find it's identity on the west coast. When "We will rock you" starts to play the audience just sits there, compared to Florida's crowds who go crazy. It is something that I thought would eventually sink-in for the CA crowds, but after 4 years I have almost lost all hope for the audience. The show was well written with all the usual T&A and colorful language.


And with all that said, thank you again to USH for inviting us to their wonderful event! Again, if you can afford it, GET THE 'GATE A' pass! You won't regret it at the end of the night!


And now for the pictures!

Photos by Joseph Tagnipes



It wouldn't be HHN without half-clothed gogo dancing girls!


The Klownz scare zone is still a great area, welcoming you into the event.


The Ringmaster



House of 1000 Corpses entrance.



The scalped man was one of the characters we saw at the HHN make-up demo a few weeks ago at USH.


Zombieville scare zone.



La Llorona maze, behind Shrek 3D.


Again, one of the most beautiful mazes.



Wolfman resides in the year-round House of Horrors attraction.


What big teeth you have!



The Thing is located in the old Wild West Stunt Show arena.


Wishing you had a Gate A pass right about now?


Are you my mother?




A full house!


Wild Stallions!


A very colorful cast of characters as always.


The Terror Tram is still...terrifying.


Be prepared to see 50+ of the character. Many at the same time.


Norman was in a pleasantly neutral mood, allowing guests to take photos with him!



This maze is located next to the Jurrasic Park queue.





No quite sure what this is, but I'll go with it.


The fan favorite maze!


75 min line? Good thing we have our... Oh you get the point.








"Come to Halloween Horror Nights, and I will chop off your legs too! See you soon!"

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Universals haunted houses are top notch.


There is also a haunted house in Michigan called "erebus", that is as good if not better than universal. Check it out here.....



If your in the area, I HIGHLY recommend that you check it out. I ran into kane hodder(sp) there a few years ago.

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I went last night, but didn't really have a great night. First of all, without a front of the line pass, I was basically screwed and didn't end up being able to hit up the biggest mazes of the night since they all seemed to keep a 60-75 minute wait. I did manage to get in Hostel, wolfman, and the terror tram, but was disappointed in the repetition from last year. If anyone noticed, almost all the elements of the Hostel maze (including that godawful smell) were taken from the Friday the 13th and Saw mazes last year. Also, it seemed like there were significantly less scareactors this year both in the mazes and in the scarezones. I mean, I'm sure a lot of this was because of the attention given to the la llorona, Alice Cooper, and HOTC mazes, but since I didn't get to go through them I can't really judge.


That being said, I can't wait for the event next week. I'm sure it will be 100x better with the front of the line passes. Also, great report!

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First of all, without a front of the line pass, I was basically screwed and didn't end up being able to hit up the biggest mazes of the night since they all seemed to keep a 60-75 minute wait.


It is sad that this is what the event has turned into, but it is almost impossible to see everything the event has to offer without having the Front of Line pass.

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If you are there from open-close, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to get through all the mazes. The mazes are walk-ups for the first hour, and get down to 15 min or less waits in the last hour as well (except for the lower lot mazes, since EVERYONE decides to wait until the end for those).

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If you are there from open-close, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to get through all the mazes. The mazes are walk-ups for the first hour, and get down to 15 min or less waits in the last hour as well (except for the lower lot mazes, since EVERYONE decides to wait until the end for those).


It didn't help that I was with people that weren't really willing to wait for anything whatsoever, but I'm telling you I showed up at opening and left at 1am. I got on TT first thing in like 5 minutes (it got dark really quickly, so that wasn't a problem) and by the time I was out of there the mazes were at about 30-45 minutes. I went in Hostel with about 30 min wait, got out, and everything (except for wolfman) was at 60-75 and stayed that way until I left.

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Go downstairs at opening- we did Alice Cooper and Hostel 3 times each on Friday night without more than a 5 minute wait.

How were the lines when you got back upstairs?

I was planning on doing this or doing one of the popular upstairs mazes (La Llorona or The Thing) right away, then heading downstairs which I'm hoping to still be pretty empty. Since you were able to do them so much times, I'm guessing hitting one of the two upper mazes wont hurt?

I heard La Llorona had the longest waits all night too. So I would love to get it done first.

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If you are there from open-close, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to get through all the mazes. The mazes are walk-ups for the first hour, and get down to 15 min or less waits in the last hour as well (except for the lower lot mazes, since EVERYONE decides to wait until the end for those).

QFT! We got there at 7:30 and still got everything done! We did Alice Cooper, Jurassic Park, Hostel, Mummy(credit #49!) headed back up to the lot(we didn't but if you want do Simpsons here)... were going to do terror tram, but did La Llorena instead! Then we did Wolfman, then Corpses and Then Terror Tram and we did The Thing as our final maze! We then waited for the last show of Bill and Ted and then called it a night! Fun times!

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Just look at the regular map and use this info:


Wolfman: House of Horrors

The Things: Across from Mels Diner

La Llorna: Shrek

Hostel & Alice Cooper: Lower Lot

Terror Tram: Tram

Bill & Teds: Special Effects Stage

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Photos from tonight's TPR HHN Meet!


Still think this is the most "clever" name for a parkint structure...evar!


Last time I saw something that looked like this...everyone was speaking Japanese!


Jon Lovitz gets real comedians at his club??? Who knew?


Yup, this is where we are going to be tonight!


Looks like Jesus...they are going to kill Jesus??? Again?!?!


I saw Gregg hug lots of men tonight...he says he's straight....straight for men! =)


Huge thank you goes out to HHN Creative Director John Murdy for hanging out with us!


"You guys go do the mazes...I'm going to be right here watching the girls the rest of the night!"


There's never a shortage of chainsaw clowns at HHN!


Love the use of fire in the HHN atmosphere!


This guy means business!


Love it! Not sure what it is...but I love it!


We checked out Hostel first....


An incredibly hot chick gave me this uber-secret "Twitter follower" card for saying the secret phrase! Gotta follow @horrornights to get the phrase.


Hostel had dudes in horns. I was creeped out.


Next we checked out the Alice Cooper maze. Funky idea for a maze...but it was really awesome!


The set design in Alice Cooper was amazing!


Insane Asylum? Yeah, TPR is in the right place! ;)


"Would anyone like the head of Alice Cooper? it's fresh!"


Some really creepy dudes in this maze.


This was a fun twist to a "body bag" type room.


Is this is what I'll find in an Insane Asylum....sign me up!


I'm not sure what she's about to do to that dude, but I'm jealous!!!


Oh, look... ACE is here tonight too!




Norm attacks people with his gay pride light saber!


Ok, guys....what next?


"There are 999 happy corpses here...but there's room for 1,000...."


Check us out! It's TPR in threeeeeee deeeeeee! And the glasses were even freeeeeee!


Man with 29 needles in his groin??? I'm sold!


Bring on the freaks! I mean.... TPR members....


How's those needs in the groin, dude?


Hooray for Satanic symbols!


Awwww! I want to book an appointment with Dr. Satan!


Is this Dr. Satan?


This looks like your routine physical....for Dr. Satan!


Man, these dudes get all the awesome chicks! Lucky!


Meanwhile....Robb is still out front watching the girls....


It was time for Bill & Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure!


Right off the bat it starts with swearing, partial nudity, and explosions. LOVE IT!!!!


Lots of rockin' music with mostly naked people. What's not to love?


"I'm Bill.... I'm Ted...and together we are WYLD STALLIONS!"


Bill & Ted always fight the evil dudes...and this time, they fight the evilest dude of all... Osama Bin Laden!


But first...the Suckerpunch girls are all going to give the audience erections! (even the women!)


Suckerpunch girls stole the show! (and my virginity....again!)




Please.....oh, PLEASE take me home with you!!!


Bill & Ted find themselves on the game grid of Tron.


No Olivia Wilde, but this part was still pretty cool.


Some impressive effects in this part of the show.


It's the crazy Asian dude from the Hangover movies!


Remember the GCI guy from the Orlando Bill & Ted from a few years ago? He made an appearance here...


Rebecca Black got it the worst from the Halloween shows this year! (GOOD!)


First Tron, now Pirates...it was very Disney themed for a Universal show! =)


Bill, NO! They eat human flesh!


The mermaid was defeated....and so was her wig! =)


Bill found this moderately amusing! ;)


Osama finally meets his maker thanks to the Angry Birds! (See Osama in the bottom right?)


High score! Time for random song and dance!


The show gets rockin' once again!


This years most popular pop singers perform...


The show is so impressive!


The show really rocked the doors off the house this year!


Rihanna with lots of fire and explosions!


Party on Dudes! Be excellent to each other! Seriously, Bill & Ted is one of the best theme park shows you'll ever see!


Wow, it's busy tonight!


Good thing we have our front of the line passes! (worth every penny!)


Does the front of the line pass work on her?


We totally met up with "The Saw Twins!" They were rockin' out to Bill & Ted right behind us!


La Llorona killed her children. Sounds uplifting! Let's check it out!


Another maze where the set design was incredible!


The church scene was both creepy and beautiful.


Not sure who Maria is, but I'm not sure I want to date her.


What a coincidence....I do this exact same thing to all my women!


Dallas has a new girlfriend....at a cost of about $300 per hour!


Yes, Robb is still looking at the girls! =)


The Wolfman has taken over the House of Horrors maze for HHN.


Still think this is one of the best looking sets of any year-round haunt maze.


Lots of awesome evil characters in the scare zones!


"Hey Robb - we're done with HHN....time to go home!"


"Can't we just stay another hour? This is the best HHN yet!"


Thank you Universal for another awesome Halloween Horror Nights! See you next year!

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I need to make a southern California trip during October. I haven't been to Haunt at Knott's since 2001, and HHN at Universal looks great. I'm an old Alice Cooper fan, too.

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What an Awesome Event they put on this year! I was there last night as well, but I couldn't meet up with you guys.


Front of the Line is Definitely worth every penny, and Bill and Ted's was just as good as last year, And there was a whole lot more nudity.


And was it just me or were there a ton of kids at the park this year?!?!

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