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Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) - 2012

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^^At the 2 sessions of Bill and Ted I went to, the Mormon references were well received. Obama didn't get off scot-free either. Props to the zombie guy just before the entry of walking dead hiding behind the van, that guy was on fire.

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Pretty cool that they used Book of Mormon References in the Bill and Ted Show, how did that go over with the audience?


Agreed that the audience was fine with the reference. It was funny where it needed to be. There was no poking fun at the religion itself, they merely had the cast dressed as Elders introducing and "backing up" Romney.

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^I saw on the HHN Orlando Facebook Page this weekend that Saturday was at capacity sometime around noon and the face book page was asking people that didn't currently hold a ticket for that night to pick a different night, no thank you. Part of my problem with the Orlando event is that it seems like the popularity of it has grown drastically over the years even though the overall quality of the event has kind of fallen off.


Hollywood far and away looks like a better event, and I hear that the Bill and Ted show is better there every year recently here too.

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I've been to both, and I much prefer Hollywood. Orlando has excellent sets in the mazes, but they seem to go more for spooky than scares. The Hollywood scare-actors come after you like you killed their family. I think USH's lack of space works in their favour because almost the whole park is Halloweened out, there's not much room to have any dead spots.


I have to admit I liked the mormon Polygamy reference in the B & T show. It was something like Romney: "my wife would get me a sandwich" and the response "which one".

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^ Yeah, it makes sense for LA because the show is fresh in everyone's mind. You gotta remember that Los Angeles is NOT a good place for "theater" so when they get something even remotely decent, it's a HUGE deal for them! And anything that makes the California's feel even more self-important is something that absolutely SHOULD be made fun of! lol


So I'm happy to see they used that reference!

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Long time lurker here and finally ready to come out.


I have two questions about HHN this year.


1. Can you clarify the early "side entrance" trick. Do you queue up at the front gate and then they take you down to the lower lot or is there actually an entrance at the lower lot?


2. Does anyone know what the discount is for annual members?



Cheers and happy to be a part of TPR

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^Yes. Get there early and they will be spieling with instructions on where to go for the early entrance.


You can get the AP price information on the website. It will ask you for your barcode.

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HHN and Universal studios holywood Review Oct. 7 Part 1


The begining of the day about 4:00 P.M. We are at universal studios for hhn and we went to the park to ride transformers and mummy because we are anual pass holders and we can come to the park every day of the time we have the pass. And now let's begin at about 4:20P.M. and we were in the park and we were passing NY street as we were looking around preparing for hhn and when we were at the lower lot there's Tran'sformers and here's the review...


Transformer's: The ride 3-D


Location: Lower Lot near The NBCUniversal Exprience

Story: Transformers: The Ride-3D is an immersive, next generation thrill ride blurring the line between fiction and reality. Fusing HD 3D media and flight simulation technology, this epic ride creates an experience unlike anything this planet has ever seen.


Based on the popular movie franchise, this mind-blowing new Transformers adventure puts you in the middle of the ultimate war zone.


Fight alongside Optimus and try to survive as you protect the AllSpark from Decepticons over four stories tall. Remember, the future of the human race is counting on you.

Coutrsy UniversalStudiosHollywood.com

Quene: We went in the single rider and I never been in the regular line and there's only 2 screen's in there and I was upset Single rider 5/10 Regular ?/?

the ride Exprience: the ride sorta take's place in chicago from the skyline building's and it was pretty fun the only thing I don't like is mabye whellie could of been in the ride with bumble bee but beside's that I like it i give it a 8.7/ 10.


so after that I went over to Revenge of the mummy and here's my review.


Revenge of the mummy the ride

Location: Lower lot near Jp and the esclator's

Story: If you dare, face heart-pounding special effects and unexpected twists at every turn as you escape the Mummy’s revenge in life-like horror. It WILL change you … forever!

Quene: outside it look's like once you enter the quene and look it's nice for a egypet theme but I went to the single rider again but it was even worse than Transformer's exept the theming in the quene but I went in the single rider quene was 4:20 and when i got of the ride and back to the esclator it was 5:10! the staff didn't care and it was sad. Theming 10/10 waiting 3/10 it is that bad.

Ride exprience: it was okay but next time universal for HHN close it and make it scarier for us horror fans and I did not ride anything at HHN so I picked Transformer's and mummy but the rating would be a 7.5/10

So it was 5:20 and I was at the citywalk and I ate at jody maronis hot dog's and try it sometime I give it a 9/10. And after that I went to security saying that you could go to the lower lot to do what they have they're silent hill, texas chainsaw and the ride's down there or the Terror Tram: Invaded by Amc's The Walking dead and I couldn't pass up for silent hill and texas and then I did it so it was six when I was at security and so we entered by the giant gutair and it was 6:50 and it begin's....

Welcome to Silent Hill

Story: Cross through the portal of pain from Fog World to Otherworld, where the forsaken town of Silent Hill awaits.


Feel your blood freeze as you come face to face with Pyramid Head, the colossal executioner, armed with an enormous jagged blade. Go under the knives of devilishly disfigured nurses, determined to scar you for life. Struggle for your final gasps of air as the Bogeyman smashes everything in his path with his murderous hammer.


It's not a game. It's not a movie. This time, the nightmare is real.

Facade: it was a little bland just the town sign silent hill and a lot of tree's I would give this 7/10

Set design: it looked like Noe's 2010 and I hated that maze and there's a lot of black wall's this would be a 5/10

Scare's okay i gotta tell you that I get easy'ly scared and this maze was a no brainer so i got scared because they put me in front so it would be a 9/10

okay so total rating is a 8/10 a B-

so after that we passed transformer's and mummy and we went to texas chainsaw andhere it is

Texas chainsaw massacre: The saw is the law

Story:Some families are sicker than others.


Based on the iconic original film that redefined the face of horror, relive one of the most grotesque crimes in all of American history in an all-new maze!


Escape from a house of flesh and bone as Leatherface, the infamous human butcher, hunts you for sport. Inhale the nauseating aroma of burnt flesh as you hear the horrific sounds of his blood-soaked chainsaw tearing through victims; ignore their paralyzing screams if you want to make it out alive.


Many have entered this slaughterhouse of sadistic terror, leaving no trace behind!

facade: it was actauly pretty cool and it looked like I was steping in to movie and I loved it! 8/10

Set's was amazing and like I said it was I was steping to a scene of the movie. 8/10

Scare's pnce again I was in front so it was very terrifing a 10/10 so all togeter i give it a 9/10

Tune in next time for the rest of the mazes and Bill and ted!

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True but I was talking on that day I went and it was the best year for HHN for me speaking of which....

Part II

So right after the lower lot mazes I went to alice cooper goe's to hell and this time I won't do like last time so i'm going to cut the bull and get started.


Alice cooper goe's to hell 3-d

Waiting: It was 7:20 and there wasn't anyone in line so I walked because they droped the rope at 7:10.

Facade: It was pretty cool as it was like a entrance of a nightclub which was so cool 9/10

Set's: The sets were amazing and Detailed 10/10

Scare's: I was in front but it wasn't scary at all which I was upseted 4/10

Overall rating: 8.5/10


So after alice it was 7:45 and I wanted to go to Amc's The walking Dead: Dead Inside and here it is


Amc's The Walking Dead: Dead inside


Waiting: So It was 7:40 and there was a line already about 30 min's and it was not that bad.

Facade: Okay There's a limit on how awesome a facade can be and they broke the line of awesome and reached a line I like to call F**k yeah! Sirously it is that awesome there's gotta be a new line of awesome and there's for a first time a scare there! This call's for a 10/10!

Set's: as like how awesome the facade was it continues with one scene that actauly has a F**king tank! This also call's for a 10/10!

Scare's: the best scare was at the last scene hershel's farm and when I was inside there was a zombie that poped out like her was going to eat me as I had to duck! I'm not kiding and 2 more to the left. that alone calls for a 10/10.

Overall rating: It is so big I can't Describe it so it mater's to desprete measure's as I like to call it The ultimate house!


So after walking dead I was looking at the tram and it was 70 min's so I choose to do a maze and i'm tied with my record of doing 4 now and it was 8:14 so I decided to do the haunted house with the less wait and it was monster's and here we go....


Monster's remix

Facade: it was the normal house of horror's facade but with a poster 2/10

Set's: same hoh room's but they changed it up a little and was pretty good espacily the light's a 7/10

Scare's: they weren't that bad I got scared by the siltzombie in the main room. a 8/10

Overal rating: a nice 7.2


Right after monster's it was 8:35 and I was looking at time's for tram again and it was about 95! that's when i gave up on tram and decided to do one more maze and after the monster's remix I broke my record! Of 5 maze's and I wanted to get the last maze and make it the first time i got all maze's in one night and there was la llorona....


La Llorona: La Cazadora de los Niños (The Child Hunter)


Waiting: It was a little long and made me a little tired of hearing the tale of la llorona again and again!

Facade: It was amazing and really tall and made me feel I was in Mexico. 10/10

Set's: They were amazing execpt the ending so i would have to give this a 8.5/10

scare's They were poor and not fun so i give this 4/10

Overal rating: 7.5/10


So it was 9:10 and I got done so I gave bill and ted a try....


Bill and ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure

How long: 45 min's

Villan: Grim reaper from bogus journey

My take on this: The show started witha tribute of universal monster's but had the song turn me on to make it modern and did I say there are half naked men and woman. Then after the opening the opening they had hunger game's own pink elephant! and the grim reaper appeared and then bill and ted but i won't spoil the entire show. but overall rating is a 9.5/10


So this was to me a very good year I would give it a 9/10 but if you have time try it out!

Until next time.....

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I was there the same night as William and it was a mad house! We didn't get there until 8PM or so, but luckily we already had our Front of the Line passes and barely had enough time to squeeze everything in by 1 am. I have to say I love how much Hollywood has embraced Bill and Ted though. It seemed like when I went two years ago I was the only person cheering for the two guys, but this time the audience seemed much more into the whole production.


And I just about died when they did Book of Mormon./ghey


I was really happy overall with the event, but felt it does need an additional maze or two or perhaps bringing back another show to spread out the crowds a bit more as from what I saw most people will just be waiting in lines.

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Hello! I’m planning a trip to go to USH for HHN (third time; bringing a newbie who’s never been to the park or Halloween time), for October 12th. We have the VIP passes. I’m wondering what’s the best strategy to hit the rides and houses. I was thinking arriving before opening and hit the tram first. What would you suggest? Any help I would greatly appreciated.





Pic unrelated


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