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PTR: A Photo Trip to SFFT


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So, after seeing Invertalon's photos I saw that he said he shoots in RAW so I decided to give it a shot. I'm not sure what to think but I decided to go the park yesterday and try it out. I put them through a program to save them into jpgs and touched them up some..and I guess I'll post them.


As for the trip, I was only there for an hour or two because it was really hot and there were no lines. I rode Poltergeist and SKC twice each then decided to leave...so this is just pictures basically. Hopefully someone can appreciated them


The first thing you see when arriving at SFFT now...Goliath! Glad to know the paint scheme is holding up in the Texas sun


The line to enter the park was backed up all the way back here! If you have been to SFFT you know how far this is :(


After 30 minutes or so I finally made it into the park...


Pretty much everyone heads to Goliath at opening since it is SOO close...so wait until later in the day to ride ;)


People that don't go to Goliath go to Boomerang, so don't go there either ;)


Boomerang and it's clown cars


I on the other hand was smart and went to Poltergeist...rode twice in the front seat without getting up.


As you can see here, the back of the park was extremely dead


Back towards SKC there was a similar trend


Just a warning, here comes a bunch of SKC photos



Ghost train?


Best views of the ride can be found around the cobra roll





Getting closer...



Crazy drop



And into the brakes...


Wiggles World seems VERY popular


Can we please paint this sign SFFT? Please? Anyways got 2 back seat rides without getting up


Waterfalls are finally back in action! Haven't seen them in forever.


This section of the park could really use a new addition...perfect place for the 2011 installment :p


I actually really wanted to ride the Rattler but it was closed...gunna get the Giant makeover?


Road Runner actually had a decent line...I think everyone was in this part of the park waiting for the water park to open.




Before I left I did take a lap on the train for picture ops




This makes my spine hurt...


What a beautiful park


Interesting terrain difference


Back side of SKC's station


Interlocking corkscrews look way much cooler than they are


Poltergeist has been taken over by Karate Kid


The wraps on the Poltergeist trains were hideous and torn apart...too bad I had to put my cam in a locker when I rode


Had to stop by Goliath on the way out


First drop


How about a train?


Needing one here too...


Has to go through the loop first


And one last train shot :)


And I leave you with a final shot of the park from the parking lot. Thanks to those that like this stuff and for looking :)

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Thanks man! I love SFFT for pretty much everything except the rides...it's a beautiful place and the shows are amazing, but I have just gotten so extremely bored of the rides there! That's why TPR trips rule

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Great pics. I haven't been there since 2005, need my TH and Goliath credit. These make me wanna go visit again soon, but I think I will wait till it cools down just a bit. Last time we went it was 105 that day. Hate Texas heat!!


Thanks for sharing!!


It has really changed since then, I would definitely try to go! October is the best time to visit with the Halloween shows and cooler temps!


And you just reminded me that I forgot to even go to the Boardwalk to take pictures...I guess I will have to go back!

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Great Photos. Glad to hear you had a great time at the park. SFFT is my favorite park. I don't know if you noticed but there is so much around the park that had been repainted and fixed this year (i.e. buildings, theaters, food stands) the park IMO is looking better than it had in 10+ years

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Great photos! I remember visiting SFFT in... I believe it was 2006 or 2007. It was a pretty good park, and I loved it a lot. With the addition of Goliath (even though it's pretty much just like every single B:tR ever made ) I think it may be worth revisiting. Like you said, I think Rattler could really use a retracking like TG is getting. Once again, great TR!

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I went to SFFT during Spring Break in 09'. BIG mistake :/ The park was only open until 7, waits were usually 1-2 hours long, we didn't get to ride much. But other than that, it's an amazing park. I have always been a huge fan of Goliath's color scheme.


Edit: Jakizle, you were actually there the same day I was last year, to process your season pass, I believe?

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^^Spring Break is always the busiest time of the year for the park...so I feel bad for you. I might have been there to process my pass and hopefully that is all I did haha.


^Haha thanks for showing me that! I haven't updated it because I'm really at 250 and not 179. Maybe I should fix that right now

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Awesome pics!

I could use your strategy of getting around the park when I go to another park.



At pretty much every park I've gone to the best strategy has been to go to the back of the park first, as everyone is excited at the beginning of the day and tries to get on stuff right away at the front. Boomerang had a 30 minute wait atleast while Poltergeist and SKC were like a ghost town! Also, when at SFMM a few weeks ago, we went back and rode Tatsu and Terminator a ton of times right away and later in the day they had big lines while stuff like X2 had a short line cause everyone went there first.


Thanks for the comments!

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Awesome pics!! My home park is up north, SFOT. What type of camera do you use?


Nikon D3000...it's just an entry level DSLR. I guess just shooting in RAW did the trick for these good results!

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SKC looks like a blast!


I'm really torn about this actually...I used to flat out LOVE SKC and swore it was my favorite floorless. However, now that I have been able to ride (I think) every floorless we have in the US, It's just average. The cliff interaction is nice and the two twisty drops, loop, and 0 kick butt, but the ride hasn't aged very well and was very shaky which made those really good parts not as good as the used to be for me. I don't know, maybe I just didn't get very good rides...will have to go again later this summer!

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Wow, good job Jake. The pictures look amazing, especially the last few with the clouds, they turned out so perfect they almost look fake. I really would like to go to SFFT sometime because the park looks amazing. It kind of makes me sad I didn't do the Texas trip last summer.

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Thanks man! I love SFFT for pretty much everything except the rides...it's a beautiful place and the shows are amazing, but I have just gotten so extremely bored of the rides there! That's why TPR trips rule


I hear ya man. I do miss the fact that I don't have my home park to go to on weekends when we have nothing to do. As far as the rides.......I think SFFT has a pretty good collection of coasters but yeh.......after I've ridden coasters like X2 and Maverick....the coasters at SFFT with the exception of SKC and Rattler are pretty cookie cutter. I can't wait until they get their next coaster. Hopefully it won't be a clone of anything else. The upside of SFFT is that it's the most unique looking park in the chain.


I will always try to visit at least once a year to support my favorite home park.

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Give me SFFT over SFMM any day. This park is beautiful and the rides are quite nice as well.

Its been a few years since my last visit but I am hoping to make a trip soon. I wish Six Flags would show a little love for this park instead of investing ever year at MM.

This is my first post all. Glad to finally join:)

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Yup....SFFT is a great place. From the looks of it, it seems like SF is keeping up with SFFT pretty good. So far park looks clean. Seems like a lot of the buildings have gotten some much needed paint. Now the only thing SFFT needs is a new great coaster to put it on the map.

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