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Photo TR: Robb & Joey Go To White Castle!

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First off, I wonder who will be the first one to make an avatar or photoshop us instead of Harold and Kumar!


Anyway, after our insane "7 parks in one day" craziness, we decided to end the night at White Castle! And Elissa ACTUALLY ATE IT and LIKED IT!!!!


Here's some photos....


It's good to know that if you are in desperate need of 8 pounds of ice, this is the place to go!


Wow, we could have gotten the 100 pack "Crave Crate!" This must have been what Harold and Kumar were after!


"Hey Dan, how's it going?" =)


Between the three of us we went through 22 White Castles!!!


Believe it or not, Elissa actually ate FOUR White Castle burgers!!!


Actually, forget about Harold and Kumar, it's all about Robb & Joey!


This is the White Castle right outside of Six Flags Great America. Harold and Kumar would be very proud!

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So did you guys finally get your DejaVu credit or will that moment have to be saved for tomorrow?

Yup! Got our Deja Vu credit tonight! So far this trip has actually gotten MORE credits that we originally thought. The only one left to get tomorrow is the spinning mouse!


--Robb "Ended up getting something like 12 credits on this trip!" Alvey

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On the first day of Con I ate there before goin to SFGAm and there was this group of about 10 Acers and they got two of those 100 count burgers and ate them all! I pretty much said to myself "this is what hell must be like"... But yeah WC is some good stuff, we only get the crappy frozen ones you buy at Publix down here but they still taste really awsome...


Colin C

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Something about boiled meat just doesn't appeal to me.


They're not boiled, they are steam grilled.... I love these bad babies, but they don't love me. It's been a while since I have had them, although I keep telling Sammi I am going to take her to try them because as a child my folks and I would go for them at lunch, and my dad would get carryout and we would eat it the car (remember when cars had like little dining trays when you opened the glove compartment???). Great childhood memories.


Shari "Glad you liked them Elissa and, by the way, you look good with Doogie Howser" Shoufler

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The mere mention of WC causes several thoughts to spring forth in my brain:


- My mother's "pregnancy food" was WC, so my infatuation with them is pretty much hard-wired into my brain.


- They're my favorite "bad" food.


- The frozen versions, while not even in the same league as the actual version, aren't bad, but I've known several people who got nauseaus from the smell of them; I actually had to work-out a schedule with my freshman-year roommate whereby I not only had to microwave them while he was at class, but I had to wait until he had a long enough class that I would have the room aired-out by the time he got back, too. Seriously, he would start dry-heaving at the slightest whiff.


- Even though there wasn't a Krystal Burger anywhere in or near New York, my college (SUNY Albany), sometimes stocked frozen Krystals in the vending machines.


- I have an extremely sensitive stomach (to food, not motion), to the point where pretty much EVERYTHING I eat affords me plenty of time to catch-up with my reading, but for some reason, WC is pretty much the only food that DOESN'T get me sick. I believe I am the only person on the planet who can make that claim.


- Lastly, I'm not sure if this is 100% fact, but I'm pretty sure WC is actually the healthiest of all the fastfood burgers, due to being steamed instead of fried.


I heart WC.

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That was my first-ever visit to a White Castle. I had tried (and not liked) the frozen supermarket verions before, and having tried one at the store, nah, still don't like them. On the other hand, the fish bits and fries KICK ASS so it's cool to eat there. Oh, and I was indeed frightened by that 100 burger box...


Dave "actually figured out how to work my digital camera to take that photo of Robb & Joey" Thomas

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