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Photo TR: SoCal

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With nothing really to do this past week and seeing as I havn't been since march we decided to pop down to SoCal for a few days.


Heres some pictures:


Here is a hot picture of some guy. I'll post more pics in a little while.


In keeping with the Egypt theme, here is a Giraffasaurus


Yeah, bizzare peek-ins!


Heres the real reason we came, to Credit Whore!!!


There are also some pretty cool slides at this park, and it was Bloody hot too.


You have to get by Anubis to get to the rides. I appeased him by peeing on a hydrant and was granted access


9.99 for an all day midway pass. They have two coasters and a few flats


This was our first time at Pharohs Lost Kingdom and I'd been meaning to go for a while. Heres the Vegas-esque arcade interior


We decided to beat the crowds and head off to Happy Ancient Egypt Land


The park was mercilessly crowded the whole week. Fastpasses we up to 8-9pm by 1pm! waits were around 65-90 minutes all day


Monica hit 500 at Disneyland on the new Space Mountain. This ride is awesome now, so much smoother.


Heres that picture of Revolution I always take. I actually got a really good ride on it. I learned how not to headbang!


Superman: Panties of Power, I just call it S:POP

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After our 45minutes at PLK we went to the "good" riverside park. Enjoy!


Castle Park is my favorite place in Riverside! It was built by the guy responsible for the Log Ride and the Mine Train at Knotts.


I'll close with a shot of one of the holes. Look how similer the themeing is to the Log and Mine ride at Knotts. I love this park, they were open untill 11pm too. Unlimited rides, golf, and Video Games for only $14.99. I'm totally going back.


I really like this park, it's so much better than my local Scandia FEC.


Check out this handmade train. This is no CP Huntington, Thats real etched glass in the cars!


Yes! Awesome!!




Luckily Jesus was there working on the antique car ride.


Monica got to sit next to Michael Moore. I wanted an autograph but he had to take off pretty quick.


Then we rode the Vekoma skater. They had loosened the end brake because the train was stalling outside the station. We ended up going about 12 times in a row because it then kept slpping right through the brake!


Ma and this knight kicked it for a while


The park has a pretty decent log flume too. Alot of themeing exists around the flume area too.


Monica had to practically drag me on this one...;)


Yea! Molina and Sons goodness!


The ride park is actually verywell done. Dare I say it is the best FEC park in the world!?


Of course I'll absolutly killed both courses I played


They have the absolute best minigolf in CA.

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Great pictures! Castle Park is really good, esp. since it's the closest ride park to where i live How are the rides/coasters at Pharaohs and Scandia? We've been talking about taking a trip to check them out and was wondering if any of the rides are worth going for? Thanks!

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