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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Holiday World posted a clue as to next year's theme in their HWN Facebook group... I couldn't pass up the opportunity...

So, I think i'm going to burst my HWN cherry next year and finally take the trip (before I get too old).  I've never did a several day coaster event so I have no idea what to expect.  I've also never

My tips are that you really don’t need two full days in the park if they’re running rides at full capacity, but they probably won’t be next year in time for the event given the vaccine schedule.

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I am so gonna win this event! I am a Haiku master. I tried starting a TPR Haiku thread, but the peeps just didn't get the Haiku love. Apparently Holiday World does.


Here's todays entry.


Riding Wildebeest

Fast I slide through green forrest

Joyously laughing


Yeah! That took me like 2 minutes! Wait and see what I can do in 24 hours.


Guy "Me likey Haikuey!" Koepp

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^Remember Guy, it's a family park! I'd be very scared to see what you can come up with in a day or two!




Free soda abound,

Fudge, Pizza, Burgers and more!

Where is the bathroom?

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I LOVE haiku!


Splishing and splashing

And soaring over tall hills

Holiday World rocks!


Yes, I know that "splishing" isn't an actual word...but I'm using it, anyway.

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Seeing as most of the locals in the area are occupied with the derby on that Saturday, Holiday World's opening day is usually fairly quiet. Even when the Voyage first opened in 2006, lines were minimal.

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Ready for another contest? Lori, our water park director, would like some clever "greetings" for her lifeguards and slide attendants to use. Example: "Have a splashin' day!" Please post your entry in this thread by 2 pm CDT 3/31/10; must be 13 or older; no employees or relatives from HW&SS eligible. Winner receives 2 one-day tickets. Fine to post more than one greeting (as long as it's in this thread.) Lori picks the winner. Good luck!
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Holiday World has updated the menu of the park food places. They are adding churo's.




Some of the new items that interest me.


Baked Pasta (Chicken Alfredo or Rotini w/Meat Sauce), Choice of Breadsticks, Apple Sauce, or Fruit Cup and Cookie


BBQ Ribs, Loaded Baked Potato Salad, Baked Beans, and Cookie


And one that I will probably get


Breakfast Sandwich (Bacon, Ham or Sausage w/Egg & Cheese) with Hash Brown Stars
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To preface the above video:


It takes a lot of testing to open a new water coaster. Here's Ray, an engineer from ProSlide Technology, and Joe (off camera, saying "3-2-1" a lot and then going back to his laptop to reprogram slightly and try again) working to test the pulse feature for the linear induction motors that power Wildebeest's boats "magically" uphill. Wildebeest, the world's longest water coaster, opens May 14.


Anyone else diggin' the Canadian accent? :0)


Thanks, Paula

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From Holiday World's Facebook page:

Want to see the latest Timberliner photos? (Timberliners = new Voyage trains) They're being held hostage by our (so-called) friends at The Gravity Group. They need just 121 more Facebook Fans and then they'll release those poor, defenseless photos into our care. Please find it in your hearts to head over and "fan" them.... It's for the children ... err, coaster train photos. :0)


I just became 985.. 15 more to go!

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