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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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*dusts off old account*

Check…1..2.. This thing still on?


Loving the new posts from HW about the new, as they confirmed, roller coaster. Made me miss the old days with Paula. 

Lots of alliteration on the new (fake) website! 

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Came here with memories of the “66 days” they did with Thunderbird. Can’t believe I was still able to log in! Paula was always such a blast!  Anyone else think that maybe this new coaster is custom and has a water element? I even thought about a transportation ride too. Just s small transport from boulder canyon to the old pilgrims plunge location would significantly reduce the hike from that area of the park where splashing safari meets holiday world down to the heart of Thanksgiving which is kind of that Pilgrim's plunge location, and also near another entrance to Splashin Safari. This would tie in the Boulder Canyon/ Raging Rapids replacement.  Excited for tomorrow! 

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Also curious if anyone noticed that the story on the website of the gravy company tells the continuation of the story from gobblers getaway. Same family. Pizza instead of Turkey on Thanksgiving. I think we might have a gobblers getaway tie in…. Or a clue of maybe a new dark ride element on this new coaster?

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This is an incredible addition! I’m so happy for Holiday World, finally adding their sixth coaster (ninth if you count the massive and very expensive water coasters). It fills a glaring gap in their lineup and will definitely be a hit with kids. The theming is over the top in the best way and I know kids and their parents will love it! The renderings look gorgeous as well. 

On another note, in those renderings everything appears true to the park except for one thing. There is no Crow’s Nest swing next to Thunderbird in any of the renderings. This is probably not meant to mean anything, but I wondered if maybe it meant the end for that ride? Surely not, but I guess we never know. 

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