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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

My really good work friend and I usually have an annual coaster trip, which is typically my only trip of the year without my wife. This year we were both crunched for time, so we decided to make the three hour trek from the St. Louis Metro East area to Holiday World all in one day. This was his first visit to the park on Saturday, 9/23.


My last visit to the park was on a weekend shortly after THE Thunderbird opened. As a regular spoiled fast queue purchaser, lines taking longer than 20 minutes are almost unbearable for me. That weekend our shortest wait for THE Thunderbird was probably 30 minutes, with 45 minutes being the norm. As a result, we only rode four times over the two days we were there. Although I'd been to Holiday World a couple times in the past, the park did less and less for me over the years. Yes, they finally got a coaster I very much enjoy riding, but the very mild interest I have in water rides couldn't make up for the lack of fast queue option and unavailable beer man.


We left around 730 and got to the park right at 11. First up, we made our way to THE Thunderbird, which was pretty much walk on throughout the day. We tried both front wings and both back wings. What a ride! In my eyes, no other wing riders compare with this one. The launch, the tolerable but present forces, and the setting make me really fond of this coaster. We rode it 3-4 more times throughout the day, at least.


After that, we rode THE Voyage, which I found tolerable and 'almost' enjoyable for my first time ever. The bees at the top of the lift add a touch more excitement to the ride. I think we snagged three rides in total. I'm in the minority where I actually prefer the mid course brake run on THE Voyage to turn the second half from a brutal ass kicking to just uncomfortable. At any other park I'd skip it, but let's be honest... there isn't a ton to offer on the dry side of the park. A beer stand in front of the ride would make me actually ride it. None the less, rightfully so my buddy dictated most of where we went that day.


Eventually we made our way to my favorite shooter, THE Gobbler Getaway. I love this damn ride. The cheese factor brings THE Gobler Getaway to a whole different level for me. It's so corny and stupid it's awesome. Living five minutes from miles and miles of farm land, you'd figure I would be a skoal chewing avid hunter, but that 'jus ain't me.' I hate to kill things... Animals or even bugs escape my wrath, as I have a particular fondness for innocent creatures. HOWEVER... I will CALL THE SH****T OUT OF SOME Turkeys with my laser guided turkey caller. What makes the ride special is that all of the guns and targets actually work on this shooter. It's been very well maintained. Mad respect...


I think after that we hiked back up the hill, after staring at the old THE Pilgrim's Plunge location. I feel like Holiday World is way too clean and well put together for the awkwardness of the Thanksgiving area of the park. Hopefully transforming THE Pilgrim's Plunge location is planned for the near future to help tie the area together. Does anyone know why the facade on the north side of the station was removed while we were there? Hopefully this is a sign of life.


It was a little after noon, so we made our way out to THE car to eat some THE lunch. Hypothetically... this would have been a good place to down a four loko in order to make THE wooden coasters a bit more desirable. After about a half hour of eating and soaking up a little air conditioning, we made our way back into the park to discover that THE crowds were still pretty much non existent. I believe we hit THE THE THE Raven next, which used to be the only wooden coaster I actually wanted to ride at the park. Well, scratch that, because this thing made THE Voyage feel butter smoother. Luckily, my one and only filling remained in my mouth and we walked off of the ride and didn't look back. Off season track work, please.


Speaking of track work, we tried out THE Legend's new profile. Nope... never again. The one part that sucks about bringing a new guest, is that you have to try all of the things you hate all over again. After a HARSH beating on my thighs, I resolved to curse the ride for the rest of my God given (sorry if this offends anyone) life. THE Legend can go back to Hell where it came from.


We also tried THEEE Log Flume. It's nothing special, aside from the fact that it's a THE log flume, which makes it awesome regardless. Stay up, Holiday World! We also took a trip on Liberty THE Launch. I don't get it. Quit trying to describe this ride using words like "insane," just because you really like the vibe at Holiday World. It's fun. I'd ride it again if it had the same wait it did that day, which is no wait at all. I could take it or leave it, but since THE spinning rides don't take the cake for me, I'll gladly take it for a spin... er drop... errr... launch? THE


We topped off the trip with a couple dinner options, mine consisting of THE turkey, Mac and Cheese, and Sweet Potato something or other, with gravy slathered throughout, because FFFFF eating healthy on my day trip today. Thank God for Imodium and THE couple hours spent at the gym the next day. I forgot to mention the breakfast trip to THE McDonalds, but it's hard to pass up on THE Sausage burritos, because #livintheYOLOlife #whotheffffamIkidding. Oh, my (made up) A.D.D. forgot to mention that I also had a hunk of THE corn bread. The food was good, but again, quit with the BS. It's not "omfg delicious" and if you still think so, you probably thought school cafeteria food was the jam. I feel sorry for you on Thanksgiving. Really, I do. Shame. Either way, it was decent and better than average for park food, for sure. Although I really don't eat park food very often, so maybe I'm talking out of my ass, as usual?


Dessert was THE Thunderbird. Walk/station wait rides make THE 6 hour round trip worth it in itself. This thing pushes all of my buttons and gives really fun and pleasant rides. Yeah, we all love THE B&M's of THE 90's. Mostly THE Afterburn, for me. However, rides like THE Thunderbird, THE Banshee, and THE Fury 325 really stand out as fantastic rides for me. Well done, THE Holiday World.


On the way out, I played a game of skill to win my son Greg, a four legged German Shorthaired Pointer, a green stuffed monkey to tear up. Wouldn't you, if you had all of my God given talents? And by talents, I mean I've gotten pretty damned cocky at winning the small prize at THE 'pick a duck' game. I've never lost!


We hopped back in my wife's commandeered coffee colored Subaru Crosstrek and made the first stop to get coffee on the 3 hour way home. Of note, she was not happy about having to drive THE obnoxious rally car to work, because it "scares her." We've only been together 12 years and she still doesn't know how to drive a manual, which is all I've ever owned.


I digress... I have quite a few parks within close range of home, in case you thought I really did live with flume dog... or do I? Those parks consist of KI, SFGam, SFSTL, SDC (home), HW, and WoF. Many of you know that ranking is a tad nerdy and over analytical for my laid back take on this hobby, but if I had to rate them I would do it as I just wrote them. That doesn't by any means make Holiday World bad. It's at least more exciting and gives me more satisfaction than WoF, but driving to work or taking a nap also beats out WoF, despite it's nice atmosphere. I think once I have a young child this will be a yearly park for me. As for now, nothing aside from THE Thunderbird really draws me in. Then I think to myself, Hell, since I'm here I might as well enjoy THE Gobbler's Getaway as much as possible.


Water parks are OK, but swimming in urine and sweat is a huge turn off for me, and continues to be as I get older. WildeTHEbeest is fun for us. THE Mammoth is cool if you're into water boarding and eyes having your eyes facialed with THE free sun screen you just applied. Aside from that, I just don't care about water rides that much and a water "coaster" is not to be compared to a roller coaster in my eyes. The focus on the water park is a great business strategy, but it doesn't personally appeal to us. This makes the park less desirable.


One of a few different things can change this for me. The most unlikely: #1 Call in beer man. I'm not asking for endless $2 tall boys of cheap crap, but how about some high priced pint cups so that I can enjoy 2-3 beer man visits throughout my evening, instead of having to go to the German restaurant 20 minutes away and putting Emily behind the driver seat on our way back to the park. I'd even be fine with "Sir, I can only serve you two beers per park visit."


#2: Do something with Voyage to make it smoother and more fun. (also unlikely) If THE Holiday World doesn't do that, call RMC and have them do their dirty work on Legend. I will not blame the people who will hate this comment, because I hate such comments about THE Beast.


#3: The inevitable steel coaster addition comparable to THE Thunderbird. I'm patiently waiting.


That's all from me. I hope you enjoyed my long winded TR full of zero pictures. I've been too lazy to seek out an image hosting site, since photobucket screwed me. That, and I don't think my solo picture of me giving THE Legend THE middle finger will impress the masses.

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Nice TR, I just went for the first time last weekend and your reviews sound pretty much bang on compared to mine.


The Raven: How does this ride get so much love? This thing was way too rough to enjoy.


The Legend: The only review I'll disagree with. It was rough but tolerable and I really enjoyed the twisty layout.


The Voyage: Stellar roller coaster up until the MCBR, then uncomfortable from there. Can't imagine how painful the ending would be if it were to just fly through the MCBR.


Thunderbird: Great ride, nice to ride something actually smooth in the park.


I had some bad luck while I was at the park; at one point The Voyage, Raven, and Thunderbird were all down at the same time and Legend was only using one train so of course everyone flooded that ride. The Voyage only opened up with an hour before close and with only 1 train so waits were painful but those night rides were fantastic.

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For what it's worth, I've heard that all the wooden coasters here get much more rough later in the year. I've only been in late May or early June and never thought they were extremely rough other than my only ride in an even row because I wanted to try the very back row of The Voyage. I will say though that when I went this year, the turn on The Raven by the lake was pretty bad no matter where I sat. That ride is also a completely different ride at night. Pretty decent during the day, but tons of fun in the dark.


All that said, I get that Holiday World just isn't the place for some people, and that's fine with me. I've only been twice and I love it.

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There's just something about holiday world for me. I don't quite know what it is, but I love it.

Yes the wooden coasters are pretty intense but I'm somebody that loves that in a wooden coaster. I'm sure the fact that I'm young helps me handle the craziness and bumps on those coasters a little easier but I don't ever see a time in the future where I stop loving the woodies here... And Thunderbird too!

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Legend was easily the smoothest of the woodies in my visit on Memorial Day weekend. I loved that ride. I could see how the intense laterals could get uncomfortable, but it wasn't rough.


Voyage was a bit of an endurance test on that return run unless you were in the very front, but I still loved that ride. Raven was the roughest of the three like you noted, but even still I still found it very reridable.

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I've gone to Holiday World for the past three seasons. One of my good friends (who frequents this thread often and will most likely see this comment CALLING U OUT) is a Ride Ops Manager. From what I understand, Holiday World does annual maintenance on all of the woodies every off-season and I can confirm that Voyage is AMAZING at the start of the season that it became my top wooden. I went to HoWo nearer the end of the season for the first time a few weeks ago and the latter half had gotten so bad that Legend became my favorite in the park. If you want to ride THE Voyage, try to get to the park at the start of the season.

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^I'm sure all of the wooden coasters get necessary during the off season. This is pretty much standard for all parks. However, people have been complaining about Raven since early in the season. The complaints about Legend and Voyage are hit or miss, but also fairly consistent.

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  • 1 month later...
Voyage was a bit of an endurance test on that return run unless you were in the very front


I thought Voyage was the only good wood coaster in the park but I also sat in the very front row since I assumed (after riding the other two) that it would be awful and was trying to hedge my bet. Maybe that explains it.

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Even the back on Voyage wasn't too bad. It was on par with Boulder Dash. Granted after the rides you got on Boulder Dash this year, I know that doesn't inspire confidence in you.


I've ridden Boulder Dash a lot and enjoyed it every other time so it sounds like that was just a freak thing. I'll totally ride it again next time I go to Lake Compounce (which could be awhile).

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What all do you guys think Holiday World is going to be announcing next Tuesday?



I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with the Thanksgiving section due to the timing of the announcement

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Here's the announcement!




New slides, wave pool, more for 2018

Holiday World to add Tembo Falls, Tembo Tides, and more


SANTA CLAUS, IND.—–Christmas comes early in the town of Santa Claus as Holiday World announces a package full of goodies for their 2018 season.


“We’re adding a fun elephant-themed water-play area for younger children,” says park president Matt Eckert. “When we discovered the Swahili word for elephant is Tembo, we named our new slide complex Tembo Falls and the junior wave pool Tembo Tides.”


Holiday World will invest a total of $3.5 million in new attractions and other improvements for 2018, including:


Tembo Falls – a water slide complex with eight junior slides, including twisters, a helix, a mini-bowl, and two racing slides

Tembo Tides – a junior wave pool plus spray features for younger children

Huge Themed Maze for Happy Halloween Weekends

All new entertainment, including a stunt show, musical magic show, and strolling brass band

Track improvements for The Voyage, the world’s second-longest wooden roller coaster

Riverside Retreats – mini cabanas in Splashin’ Safari

Electric Car Charging Station


“Tembo Falls and Tembo Tides are designed for children who are under 54 inches tall,” says Eckert, “but their older siblings and parents are welcome to enjoy the slides and wave pool with them.”


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I love the idea of a junior wave pool. Kids love those, but the water can be too deep for them. This would allow the kids to play while parents relax, which is not at all possible with a normal wave pool. Plus more of the Safari Sam's Splashland type slides is always welcome. Most enthusiasts are going to pan this, but for those of us with kids who love Splashin' Safari, this is pretty exciting.

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The press release also made a good deal that Voyage will get some track work done. While that surely sounds like a good thing from all the recent reviews I've read, I'm not sure how much can be done with what's left of 3.5 million after the kiddie slides/wave pool and hedge maze.

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The press release also made a good deal that Voyage will get some track work done. While that surely sounds like a good thing from all the recent reviews I've read, I'm not sure how much can be done with what's left of 3.5 million after the kiddie slides/wave pool and hedge maze.


They've listed track improvements on The Voyage for the last few years when they've announced "what's new".


I hope this takes out the pilgrim's plunge eyesore.


It sounds like it's going to be located to the left of Kima Bay, so the Pilgrims Plunge site will still be there for at least another year.

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