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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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Has anyone been able to catch a glimpse of the testing of Thunderbird's new lift hill?


Didn't you hear? They are taking the launch from the demolished Lightning Rod and putting it on Thunderbird. Sure you might not make it every once in a while but that's the fun part.

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Double post....


This might be of some concern to anyone visiting the park this weekend. One of The Voyage's trains has been parked on lift hill for 3 days now in the same spot. The trains just got back from a refurbishment at PTC, so I find it hard to imagine that they would want to leave it sitting out exposed to the elements. Hopefully there isn't anything major wrong with it and it will be open this weekend. Just thought I give a heads up.

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A little chilly here today, but still having a good time. Waited about 30 mins to get my season pass, and the line was pretty slow since the processing center is so small (only 3 stations). Voyage is no longer coming to a complete stop on the MCBR, and it's hauling today! Raven has some jackhammering here and there, but it's still running pretty well. Thunderbird is, as you would expect, still great.


Took some pictures of Legend progress. The bottom of the first drop doesn't look too different, but the last third does have some very noticeable changes.


The new tunnel is pretty short, but supposedly it'll have some theming in it.



Yep. This turn into the brakes is totally flat now.


Guys putting down the top layers.

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Indeed. We tweeted about it a while back - thanking everyone who pestered Google to update their satellite image of the park. I was going to post it on our Google+ page, too, but they might have taken it personally ...


To think you guys had to wait almost nine years for an updated Google satellite view...I was looking at the park with Google Maps today, and...


I think you guys got your point across! Amazing to see Thunderbird this way, and so soon too!

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