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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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^Totally agree! I think it's great that they are raising money for GKTW. It's such a great organization, and such a great move on the part of the park. The ride looks really nice and I can't wait to ride it someday!

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Still wondering what the 2 generator/Power trailers are for. Did the park's new sub station have problems with ThunderBird's power draw?


I'm curious if the power draw was more than the sub-station could handle on the regular. The flywheels are supposed to relieve that "pressure" on the system. Maybe TB was a little more power hungry than the designers prepared for. I did happen to spot a semi flatbed full of transformer and sub-station parts headed south near my area this past weekend. Could have been going anywhere...

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I agree, the LEDs are awesome! I wish more coasters did train lights at night. I always loved that about DF. Does anyone know what color they are? I haven't seen a picture/heard a color anywhere, and the webcam is black and white at night.


Pretty sure they're just clear.


Edit: Make that two rows now. The lights on the first row on one of the trains is not working.

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It's almost 11 p.m. central time and they're still testing. They're giving Thunderbird a workout, that's for sure. I know it stormed in the HW area earlier today, which probably delayed testing. I wonder if they have certain amount of test runs they have to get in each day?

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Anyone else watching right now? I think it just had a roll-back, but I didn't quite see. I logged in and a train was out by the immelman, moving very slowly backwards toward the station.


Edit - The train crawled backwards very slowly, then came to a stop here where it's been sitting for a few minutes. Wonder if this part of testing or if they're having issues?

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I wish they wouldn't do auctions for first rides. It's not really fair for people on lower incomes that might want to ride.


I think a fairer system would be a simple raffle for the first train and then limited edition charity merchandise for just the first day.


While many all of us (including me) do not have the disposable income to throw huge wads of cash at a minute long coaster ride, for those that do, they are supporting an incredible cause: Give Kids the World. Everyone wants a chance to ride a new coaster first, and a really neat way to organize that excitement is to auction the limited seats for a good cause that the park collects zero profit from. Yes, it stinks some of us don't have the money to win a seat, but at least the money spent on those seats is for a great cause that is light-years more important than who gets to enjoy Thunderbird first.


Not everything in life is fair to people of all incomes. Sad, but true.


I agree to a point, but I still think selling raffle tickets for $10-$20 and donating the proceeds along with specific limited edition merch for the first day with all proceeds going to charity would be not only a fairer system, but I bet they would make a lot more too! How many enthusiasts are going to buy more than one mug or shirt? Not to mention the scalpers that buy loads and sell on on eBay!


Dude enough. I'm guessing you're one of the guys who says that kids shouldn't keep score in little league, too? HW is raising good money for a good cause, their way. Life isn't fair. Deal with it.


Sorry for the rant. I'm just tired of entitlement and people stretching the word 'fair' a little too far. It doesn't feel fair that I can't afford a Lamborghini, but I guess maybe I should have chosen a different career path.



A couple of new things to share today about Thunderbird. First, a short clip of the zero-G roll and S-Curve from HW's Facebook





The speed looks decent for a wing rider.

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Yeah...nope. It's totally fair that you can't afford a lambo, you don't earn enough. Kids should keep score, they need to know when they're not good enough.


The way HW are raising money is fine, I was simply suggesting ways they could have done it differently to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible while raising as much, or even more, cash as doing the auction.

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