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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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I can't believe the irony... it seems like I've been waiting all winter for Thunderbird to Launch and my 2015 Subaru STi to get here from Japan. Without trying to be a super nerd, it's awesome that when I first drove my STi home, Thunderbird was launching in Indiana for the first time! Maybe this is a good sign.

And with that type of car, I'm sure you got home rather quickly

Not to mention how many tickets he got on the way home. I do not want to know what he pays for insurance each month! lol


I don't get tickets... but I do occasionally write them.

Hold up, we got a badass over here....


Thanks for noticing.

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Is it just me or does the train's colors look a little darker? O.o maybe its just a shadow...

It's either shadows or the Instagram filter. The blue on the trains is not that dark in real life.

Or maybe they have different colored trains?


It's the Instagram filter.


Looks like they've switched from the white wheels back to the original yellow. I'm interested to see if this will dampen the roar at all. This looks like it is the second train as the first train has the car from IAPPA with the TB logo on the each side of the last car. From HW's Twitter:




The TB logo is up on the station. I believe it was completed when I checked the webcam around 2:45 today. From HW's Twitter:



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May is the month I'm trying my best to make a first time visit. I think the week leading into Memorial Day Weekend should be perfect! Schools will still be in. People will be at work. Coming all the way from Alabama I need to make sure lines will be at a minimal. Especially for Thunderbird. But then it might turn around and be the busiest week of them all. LOL. Oh well. Do anybody know if that's a great week to visit?

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I was finally able to catch a couple of test runs on the webcam and it happened to be when someone was re-adjusting the camera and it had an overall view of the entire coaster. Thunderbird absolutely flies through the course and appears to pack a punch through the inline twist. April can't get here fast enough!

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