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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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^ ... which should coincide nicely with my nervous breakdown. #WeatherPermitting


Seems like a such huge moment for you guys, but it's only a small step when you think about how much more the park can grow.


I'm assuming that you guys plan on having some sort of news media at the park tomorrow?

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I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning! I had to leave the webcam, and missed the lifting of the last pierce of track (that I was waiting patiently for all afternoon!).

Paula, I hope the weather hold out for you guys tomorrow. This is SO exciting!!!

We are having a pretty good rainfall here, I'm about 45 minutes of the park.

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"Ahh crap it's starting to rain. Quick, get inside! Just leave that piece of track hanging there, it'll be cool. It weighs enough."

It just started raining here again. Don't expect much today.


The forecast looks fine for the rest of the day, no need to be so melodramatic.

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That's definitely different shaping on the Immelman than we've seen before...looks a lot wider at the base and a lot tighter at the top. Will be interesting to see how it rides! Enjoying watching the construction updates

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