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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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^ 140 feet.


even though its smaller than the first hill of voyage in the animations it looked much bigger than the hill so it'll be interesting to see if it looks taller than Voyage's drop.


With the elevation differences, I'm going to guess the Immelmann on Thunderbird is sitting a good 20 feet the above the bottom from the valley of the first drop of The Voyage. Of course, that's measuring from the ground up. So with The Voyage being 172 feet tall at it's peek, Thunderbird should be about 10 feet lower and will easily tower over the rest of the park with The Voyage.

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^ Or simply subscribe to our HoliBlog: http://www.HolidayWorld.com/HoliBlog ... for regular updates. Because we go, you know, behind the scenes.




And for all of you asking about the webcam (except for the guy who called me corporate - when I was home sick as a dog, no less - and is now banned from the park and added to Santa's Bad Boy List), we were still in discussion earlier this week so I didn't know and therefore couldn't say, but right now our IT Team is moving the SplashCam over to the entrance to the Snowy White Gravel Road for a nice wide shot of Thunderbird and future interactive fun.

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