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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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I think Holiday World has done a good job keeping whatever the new roller coaster is a secret. Nothing about it has been leaked such as the layout or any information about it.


The way that Holiday World is going to be announcing the new roller coaster tonight, kind of reminds me of what Kings Island did last year with Banshee.

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Does anyone think this will be a great night time coaster? Holiday World is announcing this at night and that's what Kings Island did with Banshee...


Are you kidding, man? Nobody here even knows what the coaster is, how could we guess? If it does go back into the forest, there is a good chance, but it's bizarre to speculate on this before anything is even announced.

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I really hope it's not a B&M although all signs point towards it. If it does happen to be a B&M I hope it's a prototype instead of a Wing Rider or Flyer. B&M needs to starting pushing the envelope more, it seems like everything is cookie cutter these days. Yawn.


Um... have you gone to Kings Island in Mason, Ohio and ridden the new steel coaster there called Banshee? If you haven't, you're in for a treat.


B&M caters to what the parks what. Kings Island wanted something extreme and that was Banshee. Cedar Point wanted something to change the skyline and that was GateKeeper.


Parks tells the manufacturer what they want, NOT B&M.


I'm pretty sure Holiday World will NOT disappoint us.


I don't know why you quoted ME on that... that wasn't my quote. I'm an advocate for B&M. Careful with your editing, please.

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Again, kind of crazy how a small market park like Holiday World is driving everyone crazy with the anticipation of this new ride. It is kind of like Dollywood the other year, but everyone knew pretty much what was going in there. However, HW has all the cool and awesome lead up with no leaks of any kind.

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