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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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As we near the end of this campaign, I would just like to thank every one who was involved, especially Paula, for the hints and teasing that created the best lead up to an attraction announcement I have ever witnessed. I honestly have no idea what it is going to be, so great job keeping it a secret - there's nothing more disappointing than a leaked announcement! Thanks again for this amazing campaign! I cant wait to find out what this will be. It's going to be the longest day ever.

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I can't believe it has been 66 days since this all started. Everyday but the past two hours have felt like forever and now those 66 days seem to have flown by. It's wonderful to see so many guests and members viewing this thread for a "little park in the middle of a cornfield."


I am very excited for tomorrow but it's an odd excitement. Usually for Christmas, the feeling of excitement is pared with wondering if you got that new toy or gadget or if you got a few pairs of socks (again). This excitement isn't like that at all. This excitement is not caring what's under the tree but, instead, is an excitement where just getting something is the best part of all!


Seriously, it could be socks and I'd still want to wear holes in them.


Nice speech because Paula loved it so much she made it into a Holiblog post:



I just wanted to say after 160+ pages of speculation, we have reached the end. I first thought it was going to be something by Mack, but boy, has things changed in the last 66 days. The end has come. The speculating will end in 9 hours. Robb will give Paula a bottle of Advil next week.


Sure, we've been bickering and yelling at each other and having fight on this thread and Robb's had to jump in. But it's been fun right?


I'll take a quick peek to see if there's anything interest since I'm at Holiday World right know.


Just as a joke (Please note: This is NOT what Holiday World is getting. I'm just joking


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I remember when holiday world said that it would be obvious what they were building by this date, and were all just sitting here trying to figure out whether or not this is actually a B&M coaster.


I believe they said it would be obvious by *tomorrow* due to the shipment (presumably track/supports) they are receiving. B&M is almost a given unless another manufacturer has changed their support design to mimic B&M.

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You all been talking and hyping yourselves up sooo much, I just hope you are not disappointed when all is revealed. ...Like Christmas morning when you didn't get everything that you put on the List

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As of right now, I have a guess (alright a few guesses) as to what this new coaster will be. But to be honest, I really don't care what the new ride is because I know that whatever the ride is, the folks at Holiday World decided to build it and make it their first big steel coaster. All I know is that this is going to be an awesome ride! Hopefully I can make it out to Indiana to ride it next year!

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