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Holiday World (HW) Discussion Thread

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With the likely large specs of this new ride coupled with the fact that it's next to the Voyage it's safe to assume that adding a few park benches to that particular area might not be a bad idea.

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So, I was doing a little digging up on roller coaster patents and came up on an intresting idea. I understand it is from disney but Bolliger & mabillard can differentiate enough to make there own design. The design is you load sitting up but then the seats recline to where you are laying on your back. Not only would this be "one of a kind" and unique it would go along with many of the clues.

First instance: The first few days saying you would not see the land for many days and many pictures of clouds. Makes sense as all you would see is the clouds.

Second instance: Day 4 says we are to remain below but the children begged to stay outside. Back in the old ships there was only enough room to lay down when below deck. Also the children who stayed outside were looking at the sky.

Third instance: it keeps saying how the journey has know end. We'll if you can't see the track clearly you would feel like it has no end.

I think what we are gonna see here is a coaster that is reclined in the forward position(not the same as vekoma flyers) that for the ending it will do a manta roller coaster esque dive into the old pilgrims plunge pool and flip into flyer position before going into it signaling the end of the journey as you see the land. I know I've had multiple theories but this one just makes sense. I mean first of all there are no lay down roller coasters. Second of all Holiday world could market it as the first coaster to for you to lay on your back for a portion of the ride then fly on your stomach.


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^ too many syllables. They'd drop the "the" to just "thunderbird" if they went with that. 3 syllables is typical

Good point I didn't think of that. Maybe they will have another naming contest, winner getting front of the line rides on the new coaster for a year and a season pass? Lol. Doubtful they would do a naming contest for a marquee ride though. Just dreaming. The thing is, the two obvious fitting ones would be the Mayflower or the Voyage lol which they have obviously used both.

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The Voyage part II, that is my guess The name is the one thing the park has me truly confused on at this point in the campaign. They could go several different ways.


In all seriousness though, I feel like the this 66 days at sea campaign would have been perfect for when they announced The Voyage. It wouldn't have worked at the time though, as it would have given away the whole Thanksgiving section expansion.

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According to wikipedia, Speedwell was a 60-ton pinnace that, along with Mayflower, transported the pilgrims and was the smaller of the two ships. A vessel of the same name and size traveled to the New World seventeen years prior as the flagship of the first expedition of Martin Pring

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My guess on the ride name is The Storm.


When Paula said there was a clue in that Holiblog post, the title "Happy Bastille Day!" caught my eye. The first and only thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word "Bastille" is the famous Storming of the Bastille.


Maybe the clue she was talking about didn't have to do with ride elements, but the name of the ride itself. The Storm!

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I've decided that if this thing is going to be a flyer, I want it to sort of be like this.



That looks really good. The double inversions look awesome.

I always thought the pretzel loop was one of the most intense features to experience on any coaster -- I have always been confused why they only put one in the layout. I understand the importance of pacing, but on a ride like Tatsu you could have one early and late in the layout.


In any event, this shows that flyers can be more intense.

I still don't think Holiday World will go this way with their coaster.

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Whatever the ride style, this ride will be intense and crazy awesome. B&M has shown that they are perfectly capable of going outside the box and providing good forces if the customer wants that.


Really, more than anything, I'm looking forward to just simply seeing a great B&M layout - a return to their full potential. B&M's are already awesome in my book, but I'll give that they have dampered some of their recent designs. A good ride here could really re-ignite the debate over who's the better manufacturer: B&M or intamin. A launch and pre-show would be icing on the cake, but in the end it all comes back to design.


Of course, we could still be wrong about assuming B&M...


Just two days... two days...

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